The main reason women don’t workout as much as they wish isn’t the lack of willpower. It’s the lack of time.

Women crave a complete workout that will get them to their goals, in the minimum amount of time. I’m not surprised, I’m one of those women myself!

This is exactly why I created this e-book Stongher in :30! Each exercise has a link to a quick video demonstration so there’s no guessing how to do what, and not one exercise requires equipment.

If you’ve been looking for an efficient and effective workout you can do at home, Strongher in :30 is your answer!

Regularly doing 30 minute workouts will:

✔️Increase your energy

✔️Improve your strength and endurance

✔️Boost your confidence and self-esteem

✔️Strengthen your bones and heart

✔️Reduce stress

30 minute at home workouts

This easy to follow guide gives you 10 total body strength training workouts and 6 heart-pumping cardio workouts, each taking only 30 minutes!

Video links to each exercise are included to ensure you can perform each exercise safe and effectively, plus a weekly workout log to plan and record your workouts.

Ready to get fit at home? Download your copy now!

30 minute at home workouts

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