Why Productive People Use a Planner The Secret for Success

Having a plan is a huge factor in reaching our goals. But, if you can’t see the plan, does it really exist? No matter well thought out my day is, seeing it in my planner is what makes me my most productive.

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Why planners fail

Often it’s the idea that you’ll remember, that allows you to forget. You know your gym has yoga at 6pm on Tuesday, so you don’t need to put that in your planner. Or, you have all weekend to pick which recipes to make next week, and get to the grocery, so you don’t need to plan for that.

Then, it’s 5:30 on Tuesday and you’ve just waved goodbye to the nanny. Oh, well, you can go next week, right? Or, you figure you can look at recipes after you get back from your daughter’s soccer practice, but one thing leads to the next and you don’t think about it again until Sunday evening.

A quote that really stuck with me is, “What may be done at anytime, is often done at no time.

You can logistically get to a gym class nearly every night of the week, so why schedule it? You can sort through your cookbooks and Pinterest for healthy recipes anytime, so you don’t need to plan for it. Not so fast!

Scheduling the actions that will help you reach your goals is a huge factor in your success.

Make an appointment with yourself

Mentally planning on going to 6pm Body Pump, and actually writing it in your planner are two different things. Seeing it in your planner is what makes it real. You’re less likely to flake on yourself, of accidentally make alternate plans, when it’s scheduled. You don’t assume you’ll remember obligations you deem important to others. But, we routinely put our obligations to ourselves on the back-burner.

Think about your health goals. Whether it’s consistent strength training, fat loss, or eating healthier; you are your personal project, and the only way to get there is by making them a priority. When you plan for your goals in your planner, you protect that time. You confirm it’s important to you.

Set your plan in motion today!

Hold yourself accountable

When you write something in your planner, you’ve given yourself a deadline. This especially comes in handy for those things you feel don’t need a deadline.

Here’s a recent example from my own life: I had a meeting with a business mentor a few weeks ago, and it was really productive. I had a page of notes for changes to make to my website, and a list of small project ideas I was excited to start in motion.

Instead of leaving with my notes (and high motivation), expecting to get things rolling on all fronts, I made my next appointment with her then and there. I left with our next meeting in my planner.

At this particular point in my planning, no one is affected by me following through on my intentions. So, I could take 3 weeks to complete these projects, or 3 months. But, knowing I had a meeting on a certain day gave me a deadline and specific goal.

For some, writing items on a to-do list, or scheduling it in a planner, is enough to keep on task. But, many need outside accountability. If you’re of the latter variety, share your plans with your partner, parent, mentor, or friend.

Knowing someone else can see your deadlines and appointments creates a sense of expectation to follow through.

Of course, writing something down is only a tool to get you to your goals, you still have to do the things you schedule. In my experience, and for many of my clients, the simple act of consciously scheduling time for your goals in a planner, is the difference between following through and making excuses.

Planners that will get you to your goals


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Kahootie Co.

Kahootie Co. is a brand that aims to empower others to stay organized, eliminate the clutter and find balance while achieving goals. Their signature It’s That Kinda Day planners come in Weekly, Daily, Home & Work, Meal, and Weekly Mom style so you are sure to find the perfect fit for what you need now.

Life & Apples

Life & Apples creates tools for healthy happy living. Their mission is to empower people to achieve their goals and realize their dreams with planners and journals based on a guided motivational system. These planners are each geared towards a specific goal: Wellness, Meal, Growth, and Budget. Get a bundle and save!

Day Designer

Day Designer Flagship planners combine beautiful designs, helpful content, and easy-to-use planning pages that inspire and guide users towards balance, focus, and productivity. There are even spaces to write a daily gratitude, elevating your spirit along with your productivity.

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