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You Don’t Have to Be an Elite Athlete for Exercise to Affect Your Cycle

I didn’t know running would be the reason we did IVF.⁠ I wasn’t an elite athlete, just someone who loved running.⁠ ⁠

There weren’t many physical signs, so I had no idea until I went off the pill and never got my period. And no, I definitely wasn’t pregnant!⁠ I did the Provera Challenge TWICE, still no period. ⁠ I wasn’t losing hair.⁠ I was hitting my time goals.⁠ I was sleeping just fine.⁠ I didn’t get injured.⁠ ⁠ But none of that mattered because I had royally messed up my hormones.⁠ ⁠

Exercise was my stress relief

You love your runners high, and you love how you feel after a tough bootcamp class. I do, too! It feels like you’re relieving stress, but our bodies register exercise AS STRESS. Cortisol is raised the more intensely we workout, over-stressing our system, and it can cause the hypothalamus to break communication with our reproductive system because it’s not essential to our survival in a highly stressed state.

When we don’t feed ourselves enough on top of it, we double down on that stress. I completely lost my period, but just because you’re getting a bleed doesn’t mean your cycle is healthy enough to get pregnant.

Exercising over 3 hours a week can negatively affect your cycle.

Exercising over 3 hours a week can result in cycle dysfunction from no ovulation to a shortened luteal phase, both crucial for conception. Shout out to No Period. Now What? where you can find all of these studies!

There’s this misconception that unless you are training at an elite level, that it’s not enough to affect your hormones. Also, women thing if they are getting a period, that their cycle is completely healthy. You may be someone who can workout more and more intensely, and not be affected, but if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while, look at your workouts and other stressors in your life.

Recovering from HA doesn’t mean you can’t workout

Working out is something I look forward to. I could not imagine a life without my endorphin high! I won’t lie, it was really hard to cut back my running in order to get my cycle back and on track. BUT, I got so much more our of recovering than just a period.

I found other ways to manage my stress, and came out the other side with a healthier relationship with exercise, plus my body image improved right along with it!

I know you are highly skeptical about cutting back, but I GUARANTEE you can create an exercise routine that not only gets your cycle back, but feels complete freeing.

If there is any part of you that feels controlled by their workout routine, I want you to schedule a call with me right now! My coaching programs are specifically designed to fast track you through the recovery process with your confidence intact. Talk soon ❤️

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