Why I Left Trying to Conceive Support Facebook Groups

When we started fertility treatments a friend offered to add me to a few local infertility groups on Facebook. I readily accepted, thinking how great it would be to connect with other women going through the uncertainty of pregnancy.

Very quickly I realized this wasn’t helpful for me.

I came for support and encouragement yet every time I clicked on the notification bell, I was greeted with something else to worry about. There were so many details, and so many stories of negative results and experiences that I felt more anxious and doubtful after closing my computer.

Being aware of that gut feeling was what made is super quick and easy to click, “Leave group” and never look back. It was dragging my mindset down and I could feel myself growing more anxious instead of hopeful.

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I see this happen a lot, and not just with women trying for a baby.

We do it all the time when trying to achieve a goal. On the surface, it’s a great idea. Learn as much as you can, and get a ton of support.

The thing is, when we make this one thing our world, we usually get way more confused, and more obsessive.

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I noticed I did this again when we ventured into potty training. I read a book and posed a question in one of the mom groups I’m in. Someone mentioned I should join a potty training group.

I immediately joined (I say this a lot, but we don’t learn a lesson one time, we have to KEEP learning it!) and the first post I saw was from someone having trouble getting their child to poop in the potty. What followed was multiple women chiming in about how their 5 year old STILL wouldn’t poop in a potty.

I felt a rush of worry and doubt come over me.

Something that wasn’t even on my radar – a 3-year-no-end-in-sight battle with the potty – was suddenly in my head. My positive enthusiasm switched instantly to a negativity.

Luckily, I DID learn my lesson from before, and I left that group instantly, knowing I had the information I needed, and could find support when and where I needed it.

FYI, potty training was luckily a breeze for us, facebook groups be damned.

Support is helpful when it’s actually supportive. If you are surrounding yourself with information and opinions that don’t actually make you feel more informed and less anxious, eliminate it.

This is when it pays to be highly aware of how you feel. Do you feel better when you’re interacting with this group or information source, or do you feel more confused and worried? What does make you feel more at ease? It may surprise you where comfort comes from. Try out groups, but know you can leave when you need to.

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