What’s Your Tendency? Your key to understanding and unlocking your drive!

I’ve written before about Gretchen Rubin and her book, Better Than Before, when I went into a 10 part series on Loopholes (definitely check that series out if you haven’t!) Her newest book, The Four Tendencies, focuses on four personality types that drive everything we do.

As a coach, I find this framework incredibly useful for helping my clients reach their goals, and for myself it’s been helpful and comforting to understand how I operate! For those unfamiliar with Gretchen’s work, I want to introduce you to the Four Tendencies and dive into each one in my own way.

These Four Tendencies discerns how you respond to expectations; both outer (deadline from your boss), and inner (your own Newy Years resolution). Here is a brief description of each tendency that I’ll be exploring over the next 4 posts:

You respond easily to both outer and inner expectations. If you set a goal for yourself and tell no one, you’ll stick to it, and if your friend asks you to commit to something you are all in. (This is me!)

You will meet outer expectation, but struggle meeting your own. If you’re meeting a friend for a workout class, you will be there, but if you plan to go by yourself you likely won’t.

You question all expectations. You’ll happily meet outer and inner if they make sense to you, but if you deem them arbitrary you’ll let them slide.

You resist both outer and inner expectations imposed on you.

Knowing your tendency can help you better understand yourself so you can set up strategies that make reaching your goals easier for you.

Before we get into each tendency, take the quiz to find out which category you fit!

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