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What I Changed About my Diet to Fuel My Workouts and Fix My Period

I knew I needed to put on weight to get my cycle back on track, but it wasn’t about stuffing my face for a few months and hoping for the best. I needed to improve I viewed food and make changes that I could continue long past restoring my body.

I’m not gonna lie, it was hard to change my regular purchases and breakout of the comfortable routine I had created around feeding myself. But, I knew I needed more fat on my body, and more than that, I wanted to be able to eat what I wanted guilt free.

I started slowly and got comfortable with a few specific food swaps, and once I realized I wasn’t going to gain 583 pounds overnight, I eased into more lifestyle changes.

Changing they way you eat and view food is critical to fix your period and fuel your workouts, but it's not easy! Here are simple changes I made.

Food Swaps

Whole Fat Yogurt

For years I bought nonfat yogurt, even going through a long phase of the Dannon Light & Fit. I knew exactly how many calories I was getting and the flavors were great! Or so I thought. Have you tried whole fat yogurt?

Seriously, you will never go back! I buy it buy the tub, keep it plain so I can add real fruit, and have no idea exactly how many calories I’m eating. It’s actually healthier because there is less sugar and chemicals, and more fat, and it’s waaaay cheaper.

I also started buying cottage cheese regularly. I love it but would limit it because of the higher calorie count. Now, I keep it on hand and eat it without a second thought.

Regular Whole Grain Tortillas

I was a regular purchaser of the low carb Xtreme Wellness! tortillas. They’re fine, I guess, but now that I don’t fear carbs, I get your everyday whole grain tortillas. The ones I get are 30 more calories (that is nothing!!) and doesn’t have the crazy ingredients on the back.

DIY Salad Dressing (just not no/low-fat)

My fridge was stacked with non-fat and low-fat dressings of every variety, but not anymore! Now I make my own which is way easier than I thought.

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I have no idea how many calories I’m pouring on my salad, but I do know exactly what is in it. Here’s what’s in the dressing in my fridge right now:

  • Lemon juice
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey
  • Oregano
  • Salt and pepper
  • Water

Look at the back of that nonfat ranch you have in the fridge. Can you honestly tell me those ingredients are keeping you healthy versus what I just listed?

No more low-carb/sugar-free/fat-free

In general, I stopped purchasing based on these labels. I mean, if something is naturally fat-free thats one thing, but if it’s a food that is supposed to have fat in it, I’m here for that!

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There are so many unnecessary modifications and additives in foods that boast those labels, it’s really not worth saving the calories especially when it’s something you don’t eat everyday.

Lifestyle Changes Around Food

Letting others cook for me (without micromanaging)

I no longer take full control of how my food is cooked. For example, I’m often starting to cook dinner while simultaneously getting my toddler in bed. I can let my husband take over while I do pajamas and a book without leaving with instructions like,”I want this much cheese, “, “don’t add more oil”, “I don’t want butter on my toast.”, etc. It is so much easier for me, and a pleasant experience for him.

Freedom with recipes

I used to primarily only use recipes that had a calorie count, and anything over 400 I viewed as a bit steep. For dinner. While endurance running. I also stuck pretty strictly to the serving size, otherwise, how would I know how many calories I was eating?!?!

What this did was took me away from my hunger cues. Now, I serve what looks good to me at the time, I put some back if it was too much (let’s be honest, Brett usually takes care of that!), and get more if I need it. I also make recipes that look good instead of requiring a lowish calorie count. My Pinterest Recipe Box is booming now!

Keeping previously guilt-inducing foods in the house

I want to apologize to all the containers of guacamole I passed by because I didn’t trust myself.

Not having food rules means I keep what I love in the house pretty much at all times, and trust myself to have what I want without overindulging or feeling guilty for enjoying them at anytime. Favorites include:

  • Tortilla chips (every👏damn👏day👏)
  • Guacamole
  • Pretzels
  • Granola (homemade)

Notice that I’m not suddenly buying nutritionally void foods. I’m still focused on getting whole grains, healthy fats, and quality fiber, but the primary driver for my purchases isn’t calories.

It felt weird to make these changes at first, but trust me, life is much easier, much more delicious, and I did not gain un crazy amount of weight!

If you want to live without constantly thinking about calories and how to burn them off, but can’t imagine actually making changes like these, I would love to talk.

I offer free 30 minute Mindset Jump Start calls where you will leave with a few small goals to work on, and a clearer picture of what 1:1 coaching can do for you right now!

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