What Finally Brought Me Peace with My Body

Happiness is a measure of health, but it’s not as sexy as selling 6-pack abs. ⁠

It was 6 years ago, on a trip with Brett to Portland when *IT* happened. ⁠

That “IT” for me, was PEACE. PEACE with my body, PEACE with my current state, just PEACE.⁠

It was suddenly *so weird* to me how complicated I’d made being healthy. ⁠

I had a strict schedule of going to the gym to lift, I knew the stats of every planned run, and the calories I ate, but in this moment my heart was telling me I didn’t need to do so much.⁠

Being healthy was actually really simple: Move how you want and eat when you’re hungry.⁠

I hoped that feeling would last. But it didn’t.⁠ I got back into my routine as soon as we got home. It’s not like I hated my routine, it was that I felt guilty if I did less. ⁠

I led with my head, and ignored the feeling that a truly healthy routine shouldn’t feel stressful.⁠

Years later, I was told I needed to cut back on intense exercise and add body fat to help balance my hormones. In the back of my mind it was almost a relief. ⁠

I needed someone else to give me permission to do less. ⁠

It was hard to change my thinking on what being healthy actually meant. Ignoring all the BS *rules* felt like playing hooky, until I realized how much stress left my body. ⁠

Finally I was able to give into a routine that felt insanely easy. I stopped falling for click-baity health tips, my body image actually improved, and I noticed I wasn’t constantly comparing myself to every woman I saw.⁠

I can hardly put into words the ease and freedom I felt. This experience is where my passion for coaching stems from. It’s why it’s so easy to pour support into my community and help other women feel the same way. ⁠

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