Weekly Recap: Warm Weather, Yoga, Baby Boogie and More!

Weekend Fun

Friday was a cozy evening at home, and the first chance Brett and I had to unwind and watch a show together. Hearing Owen talk more and more is proving to be pretty hilarious.

He and Brett were playing Lego’s while I sat on the couch with my book. After Brett brought me a beer (a dark lager from Burial for all those wondering), O instructed, “Daddy play Lego, Owen watch mommy drink beer.” He then came over to hand me my drink. I think I reached a new parenting level!

Saturday morning was a busy one for Owen and I. We went to the Y where he played, and I did strength training, then headed straight to Baby Boogie. We hadn’t been I months, and I was happy to get him there.

Baby Boogie is a 45 minute music and movement class, packed with scarves, shakers, sing-a-longs and, obviously, dancing! We first went over a year ago, and it’s so fun seeing how he has grown, able to do so much more!

After that, Owen really wanted to go to the library, so we headed downtown, and spent an hour reading and playing. Needless to say, I was ready for some downtime after all of those transitions!

We went to Bhramari Brewing (which I will NEVER spell correctly the first time!) for the second time, and it’s up there on my favorite’s list. The food is amazing, and the beer selection is on point.

Sunday held a great mix for our whole family. Since I had such a busy Saturday morning, Brett took the reigns with Owen while I took Barksdale on a long walk to get coffee at Penny Cup. I LOVE walking and listening to podcasts. LOVE IT.

The sun started to warm up, and Brett went biking with some friends just before Owen napped, meaning I had the house to myself! OK, I had a toddler and dog, but one was sleeping, and the other doesn’t ask me questions.We spent the late afternoon hanging out on the deck, and playing inside

Workouts of the Week

Saturday – Gym for 10 minute incline power walk, and 30 minute strength training.
Sunday – 45 minute walk outside, 35 minute yoga video (Five Parks Yoga is my favorite Yoga channel on YouTube!)
Monday – 20 minute incline walk, 30 minute strength training at the gym.
Tuesday – Soul Power!
Wednesday – 35 minute yoga video at home, taught Fit4Baby.
Thursday – Gym for 20 minute incline power walk, and 30 minute strength training.
Friday – 30 minute HIIT yoga video

I surprised myself by doing a challenging pose, thanks to Five Parks!

What’s Cooking

There was a lot of Eatpeat’s, what I call leftover’s, this week. In general, I make 3 meals a week, and at least 2 of those are casseroles or slow-cooker recipes so I have leftovers. A trick I’ve been doing lately, is freezing half the leftovers immediately so we have two meals that week, and the rest doesn’t go bad.

I made a quick and easy chicken curry salad with the remaining chicken breast I had. I boiled it, shredded it, and added greek yogurt, curry powder, ginger powder, chopped dates, and salt and pepper.

We ate quick so I didn’t take a pic, but I spread it over greens atop English Muffins, sprinkled with cheese, and toasted. YUM!

The other recipe I want to share is a new one I made from Cooking it Real Good. Roasted Sweet Potato, Avocado, and Feta Salad.

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening

I have been following Georgie Morley on the Insta, and finally started listening to her podcast, Chasing Joy. It’s introspective, and thought provoking, making me dissect my own values and beliefs.

Halfway through One Foot in Eden, I really feel I’m dragging because I’m going up to bed too late! This is my reminder to make that 15 minutes of reading before bed as important as doing “one more thing” on my computer before heading up.

Please comment with what you’re watching! We just finished The Outsider and McMillions and need something new. High Maintenance is on our current watch list, but that’s only one show. HALP!

How About You?

What’s your binge-worthy podcast?

Did you cook anything new this week?

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