Weekly Recap: Staying Home, Staying Home, Staying Home

Truly, it feels off starting this post the way I normally do with, “Weekend Fun”, because…

Plus, it’s getting real hard to know what day AND day is. So, I’m trying something new and starting with a Highlight Reel.

Highlight Reel

Saturday felt nearly completely normal. We started the day with a hike, although our choices are narrowed down with some trails being closed, at Shope Creek. Instead of hiking for distance, we hiked until we found a sweet spot by the creek to hang a hammock (hammit for any Nate Bergetze fan).

We had our first car puke on the way there. And he’s been fine since 🤷‍♀️
Oh, we have a dog, too if I haven’t mentioned it. Barksdale, 10.

Saturday night Brett and I had a date night and roasted smore’s on our balcony over our table top fire pit and it was amazing! I really need little things to look forward to, and this fit the bill this week.

Sunday (honestly, I had to check my phone’s timestamp), was beautiful! Brett had a day from Hell work-wise so we barely saw him, but Owen and I camped out on the driveway, or new favorite activity, for hours.

Monday I was able to track down a local coffee shop that was open and selling beans (took 3 tries), so Owen and I went to the Round Earth Roasters drive-thru then parked just short of home in River Arts District and wandered around for over an hour. His favorite was throwing rocks into a puddle. 2-year olds are super easy and super hard to entertain at the same time.

Workouts of the Week

I obviously miss my Y, but I’ve got a solid routine going at home!

Saturday – Hike! And light strength training in the early morning.
Sunday – 60 minute Soul Power on Zoom!
Monday – 15 minute DIY strength training, plus 10 minutes of Tabata (I’m Live on FB MWF at 2pm Eastern!)
Tuesday – 30 minutes of HIIT with my new fave, Sydney Cummings
Wednesday – 30 minute Quick Vinyasa Flow by Five Parks Yoga, taught Fit4Baby via Zoom
Thursday – 40 minute Full Body Strength and Conditioning workout by Sydney Cummings, recorded last 4 videos for the challenge
Friday – 30 minute Vinyasa Flow by Beyoutiful Living, Live 10 Minute Tabata, planning on lots of walking looking at the weather!

What’s Cooking

Saturday I got this Layered BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole ready before our hike so I just had to pop it in the oven before starting Owen’s bedtime routine. I hadn’t made it in a while and forgot how amazing it is!

Sunday I quickly repurposed the extra chicken from the casserole, since it called for a pound, and the package I had was 1.6 so I prepped and cooked it all and set some aside. I toasted corn tortillas then topped with the chicken, red onion and cheese and broiled for a few minutes.

Tuesday I prepped meatballs while Owen played after nap, and boiled the pasta while they cooked after getting him ready for bed.

Wednesday our Green Chef meals arrived, a very generous and much appreciated gift from my mother-in-law, and Brett made the Cherry BBQ Pork, Kale Salad with Potatoes while I did bedtime!

We have two more meals so you’ll hear about those next week!

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

Reading – I’m actually re-reading No Period, Now What? as I’m creating a coaching course to support women who are ready to improve their relationship with eating and exercise in order to get pregnant. Side note – if that sounds like you, email me at Samantha@simplywellcoaching.com to get in early and actually contribute to the program’s content!

Watching – Finally finished Tiger King, and I say “finally” because we tried to stretch it! We’re also back into West World which is getting insane! I was honestly on the fence the first two episodes because I was kind of confused but after watching ep 3 last night, I feel I’m back on board.

Listening – I don’t think I’ve plugged it, but I listen to What a Day every morning to get a news briefing. I don’t love listening to the news, but this podcast is quick (15-20 minutes typically) and delivered lightly even when talking about serious issues. Business-wise, I started listening to Payday with RayRay that has lots of inspiration plus actionable tips. She is also 25 so I feel 1,000 years old.

What about you?

Give me your at-home date night ideas! Games, activities, etc.

What was the best part of your week?

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