Weekly Recap: Snow to Sunshine, New Bike, and Amazing Women

Weekend Fun

Friday night we stayed home and played inside, reading Pete the Cat and digging with backhoes. You know, the usual. After Owen went to bed, Brett and I (and by Brett and I, I mean Brett) put my NEW BIKE TOGETHER!!!!

You guys, I am so excited to finally have a bike! My bike, Blue Bell, was my main mode of transportation for years. I loved her deeply, but she didn’t have gears which is fine for pancake-flat Chicago, but a joke here in Asheville. I donated her to a good home, and have been bikeless since.

My new (to-me) bike, Blue Steel, is our newest addition and was broken in with her maiden voyage Sunday afternoon. Bike and mom are doing great!

Saturday we woke up to a few inches of snow, and by Sunday morning is was all gone. It was perfect! Seriously, I enjoy snow, but not when it sticks around for months. Sunday was gorge, and we were outside for hours, soaking up the sun.

Saturday Morning
Sunday afternoon

OK, this was not part of the weekend, but it held the energy of a weekend. I teamed up with two other women (Leslie and Rachel) to lead Women Belong here in Asheville. Women Belong started in Chicago and has exploded there.

Our group started last May, and we decided to host a big networking night, which led to an at-capacity meeting Wednesday morning. I made exciting connections with so many awesome women, even running into one the next day at swim lessons with Owen!

Workouts of the Week

Saturday – Gym for 20 minute incline power walk, and 30 minute strength training. Was going to do a strength class with Brett, but there was a sub and we played in the snow instead.
Sunday – 30 minute yoga video, bike ride for 30 minutes.
Monday – 25 minute timed strength training at home, multiple dog walks to get my steps! (I used the interval timer :45 exercise, :15 rest 3 exercises for 2 sets, 4 rounds)
Tuesday – Soul Power! Nearly cried 3 times. This class is the best.
Wednesday – 15 minute incline walk, 30 minute yoga video. Taught Fit4Baby.
Thursday – Gym for 20 minute incline power walk, and 30 minute strength training.
Friday – 30 minute yoga sculpt video

What’s Cooking

Last month we tried Gobble, and this month we gave Green Chef a shot. All three meals were amazing! Seriously, I had trouble picking my favorite, although I apparently ate them so fast I didn’t take any photos. You’ll have to trust me that Brett’s plating game was on point!

Once we cooked all of our delivery meals, I tried a new recipe and reused it later in the week.

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Meatball Bowls – Iowa Girl Eats

I made the meatballs and salsa during nap, so all I had to do was sautee the cauliflower rice (I buy the steamable bags, and its so much better if you sautee it after cooking!) and plate.

Later in the week I made wraps out of the left over meatballs and salsa. Not sure which I liked more!

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening

Oh man, I am in love with two entrepreneuresque podcasts that I am completely binging. I’m embarrassed to say I’m more than fashionably late to the Jenna Kutcher party, but Goal Digger has been in my ears for hours on hours this week.

The other is specifically email marketing specific, and has been so helpful. Kate Doster hosts Inbox Besties and I have literally been taking notes while I listen. She is honest and specific which I really appreciate.

We watched JoJo Rabbit on Friday (well, started it Thursday and finished is Friday) and LOVED it. It’s funny, it’s dark, it made me (nearly) cry. Then, we watched Long Shot (thanks for the recommendation, dad!) on Netflix and WOW is it crazy. It’s only 40 minutes, go watch it.

I got tired of waiting for my book that’s on hold, so I consulted the online library catalog and Goodreads to find something that was available. I took home One Foot in Eden and The 4-Hour Work Week. Not gonna lie, I’ve never checked out two at the same time and I’m a little nervous about that.

How about you?

How much do you love Jenna Kutcher?

What’s your favorite book genre?

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