Weekly Recap: Potty Training, Date Night, Fertility Podcasts and More

Weekend Fun

Thursday we started potty training, and it (knock on wood, please!) is going really well! I read a lot, mainly The Tiny Potty Training Book and Oh Crap! Potty Training, and followed their tip to go pantsless for a few days. Luckily, my parents came in town for moral support, so I didn’t go too stir-crazy from mainly staying in the house.

For 2020, Brett and I made a commitment to having at least one date night a month. I don’t really love the term “date night”, because we don’t want to default to only dinner and drinks, we want to do.

Last month we went to Asheville Salt Cave before having a bite and a sip at The Waterbird, and Friday the plan was to catch a $3 movie at Asheville Brewing Company. Unfortunately, I underestimated the number of people who wanted to see JoJo Rabbit and it was sold out.

So, we defaulted to dinner and drinks, haha! But, we broke out of our routine and tried Oyster House Brewing Company, sitting at the bar for a beer and app, then headed to Zia for dinner.

Sunday it reached 60, and Owen was actually wearing pants (although he started to resist sitting on the potty) so we braved the outdoors and met with some friends at New Belgium.

Workouts of the Week

Saturday – Gym for 20 minute incline power walk, and 30 minute strength training.
Sunday – Special Soul Power class! There had been an instructor training so it was led by all the women who completed it. I just may have to do it the next time it’s offered.
Monday – Soul Power, again.
Tuesday – 30 minute strength training at home.
Wednesday – 50 minute power walk with a friend around Carrier Park, 30 minute yoga video.
Thursday – Gym for 20 minute incline power walk, and 30 minute strength training.
Friday – Taught Stroller Barre, and yoga video at home.

What’s Cooking

It’s always so nice to have my parents in because either my mom cooks, or they play with Owen when I cook. I mean, a lot of times Brett does that, but if I want to get cooking done midday, I don’t have to wait for him to wrap up with work.

Mom made an amazing chicken pot pie, and I busted out some recipes that I’ve made before, but it’s been so long I can’t remember when.

Chicken Parm Lasagna by Baker by Nature

It’s so good! You can easily make this ahead of time, and put it in the oven about an hour before you’re ready to eat. I do that a lot. I prep everything while Owen naps, and put it in before doing his dinner/bath/bed routine.

Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs by The Bewitchin Kitchen

Again, I prepped the meatballs during nap, and baked them while putting him to bed. I served these over cauliflower rice.

Dad – So, how do you make this cauliflower rice?
Me – I buy it in a bag and put it in the microwave.

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening

Finishing up How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen and gaining some amazing parenting tips that will help us through the rough bits of the next few years to come. Other than that, I’m reading (and listening to) blogs focused on increasing SEO and improving my emails. In case that floats your boat, too, here are my current favorite sites: NeilPatel.com, Katedoster.com, Twinsmommy.com, Melyssagriffin.com

High Maintenance is back! It’s on HBO (and Hulu), and the first season was short (10-20 minute) scenes, but has grown to a full length show. The style is so different and compelling, if you haven’t watched it yet, try a few episodes!

Also, we started JoJo Rabbit last night and will finish it tonight (couldn’t do it before my 9:45 bedtime). It’s dark, funny, and unless the last 30 minutes tanks, I highly recommend!

So, this isn’t new since I’ve been binging for a few months, but I am absolutely LOVING the Dear Prudence podcast! It’s basically a Dear Abby style format (listener questions and host advice) but so much more interesting! It makes me think, and makes me laugh.

On the flip side, I’m diving into fertility podcasts. I need to know what’s fresh and what to recommend to clients and readers. My top 2 recommendations are: Fertility Friday, Get Pregnant Naturally, and Practically Fertile.

How about you?

Do you/have you used a meal service? Which do you like?

Did you watch any of the Oscar nominated movies?

As a mom, what was your potty training experience?

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