Weekly Recap: Podcasts, New Facebook Group, and Launch Prep

Highlight Reel

The thing I am most excited about this week is that one of the 3 podcasts I was a guest on this past month aired yesterday! My conversation with Kristin Cornett on Mastering Your Fertility was so lovely and we talked all things Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. You can listen here.

Stay tuned for my episodes on Run Lift Mom and Wholesome Fertility!

Owen cut his FINAL MOLAR over the weekend! A few total meltdowns but we were able to enjoy the majority of the “weekend”. We also found that a bike pump provides lots of entertainment!

It’s so weird how a total change in routine affects your mindset and focus. While I definitely have less time to work, I have been the most productive in my business this last month. I’m working hard on the final touches of 2 revamped 1:1 programs that I am so excited about! Definitely follow me on IG for so you don’t miss anything! Go ahead, do it now @simplywellcoaching

I started a Facebook group for women with or recently recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, so if that’s you, come on in!

Workouts of the Week

Saturday – 40 minute total body burnout with Sydney Cummings
Sunday – 60 minute Soul Power dance
Monday – 30 minute dumbbell full body sculpt with Sydney Cummings
Tuesday – 10 minute HIIT low impact cardio with Sydney Cummings and 15 minutes DIY yoga
Wednesday – 35 minute advanced vinyasa yoga flow with YogiApproved
Thursday –  30 minute full body pilates with Sydney Cummings
Friday – 10 minute tabata cardio with Sydney Cummings and 20 minutes DIY yoga

Post Soul Power feels

What’s Cooking

Saturday night we picked up Zoës Kitchen and I got the exact same thing because omg it’s so good! Get the cauliflower rice bowl and add chicken, then mix in extra hummus and enjoy. They put at least half an avocado on it. All I need to say about that.

This is the second time I made the Roasted Sweet Potato, Avocado, and Feta Salad from cookitrealgood.com and it was just as amazing! I made probably 4 times the dressing so we have some for the next week or so.

I made this recipe up on the fly and it turned out really well! I pan fried thin sliced chicken breasts in ghee, seasoned with dill, garlic, and S&P, then put it over riced broccoli (grab it in a freezer bag and steam) mixed with quinoa. I topped that with tomato, red onion, cukes and feta.

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

Watching – We finished Waco, man that last episode is a reeaaaal tough sit, and are 3 episodes into #BlackAF and it is amazing, really funny and great content.

Reading – I finished The Immortalists keeping me on track fr 2 books a month even with less me-time in quarantine, WOOT! It was really enjoyable, a recommendation from me. I started You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. I LOVED You Are a Badass and needed a boost before launching my new programs (stay tuned for that on my insta @simplywellcoaching).

Listening – Hmmm no new podcasts at the moment, still binging The #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur and keeping up with My Favorite Murder.


I’m going to move these updates to monthly updates. Same topics but the best of the best for the entire month!

What About You?

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