Weekly Recap: NY Times Recipes, The Dream podcast Soul Power dance, and More!

Weekend Fun

Ending Friday with Hole Donuts and their Hole Lotta Love event for Valentine’s Day was a literal sweet way to end the week, but that wasn’t the end of Asheville eateries for our weekend!

Saturday morning I took Owen to the Y with me for a solo workout (more on that below), and afterwards we headed straight to Baked for a celebratory coffee and quiche with some mamas from the latest Fit4Baby session! We start our next session March 4th, you can join us here.

Saturday night we kept it in the neighborhood and took the entire family, Barksdale included, to Archetype after ordering a spread from Pizza Mind. Owen had fun running around (“Run rown! Run rown!”) and was very happy showing us how he would fly an airplane.

Sunday was super low key, we played at the house all morning and I headed to see Annie for my monthly acupuncture session, where I, as always, fall asleep for a few blissful moments.

Workouts of the Week

Workout at the Y, 20 minute walk on the treadmill, and 30 minute strength training. When I walk it’s at 4.5 speed, alternating between 3% incline and 5% incline every 2.5 minutes.
Strength training:
4 exercises X3
3 exercises X3
2 exercises X3
Since I strength train 2-3 times a week, I always do full body, and love combination exercises to hit different sets of muscles with the same move. This routine takes around 30 minutes.

30 minutes yoga video on YouTube from 5 Parks Yoga (my favorite channel or yoga!)

Strength training at home, I use the app Interval Timer. 3 exercises for :45 seconds with :15 seconds rest, 2 rounds. I completed 4 different sets that took 25 minutes total and 12 different exercises

I also did my favorite class, Soul Power, at 5:30. Usually, I only do this class on Tuesdays, but the past two weeks in a row. Womp womp.

1 hour Soul Power dance class!! There is also a special class for people learning to instruct on Sunday, so I’ll likely go to that, too.

15 minute incline power walk, 30 minute yoga video.

The original plan was to go to step class since I never get to go anymore. My parents are in (helping potty train, more on that next week!) so they could put Owen down for a nap while I was away. It was cancelled, WAAAAAH! Instead I did basically what I did on Monday, 20 minute incline walk and untimed strength training.

Today I’m hoping to get outside for a walk and do a 30-45 minute yoga video.

What’s Cooking

The two recipes that really stood out this week was one from the NY Times Cooking blog (look, their articles are great, but their recipes are worth the subscription alone), and the other I totally made up and will definitely be making again.

Vegetarian Chili with Butternut Squash and Moroccan Spices

Greek Turkey Meatball Wraps and Cucumber Salad

I was going to make spaghetti and turkey meatballs, but I had a strike of genius when I saw the avocado tzatziki dip I bought on a whim from Trader Joe’s.

I ended up making greek turkey meatballs by seasoning them with garlic, dill, and cumin. A half pound of ground turkey, spices, and one egg white, made 8 meatballs and baked for 20 minutes at 375.

To serve, I spread the avocado tzatziki dip down the center of a small Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat tortilla, lined up 4 meatballs, and sprinkled with feta. Our side was cucumber I sliced with my grater set using the flat blade, sliced onion, and a little homemade apple cider vinaigrette.

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

My goal is to read, on average, 2 books a month. If you have a baby, and are longing to read again, I feel you! It wasn’t until Owen was around 16 months that I started reading again, and have gotten used to reading in little snippets throughout the day. It ads up!

Anyway, I finished White Fragility earlier this month and highly recommend. I got a lot out of this book, and it’s inspired me to seek out more books on race, how to talk about it, and how to teach it to our kids.

Currently, I’m about a third of the way through How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen and if you have a toddler, get this book right now! Seriously, there are so many great tools and tons of examples of how to use them. It’s a quick read and an awesome reference.

Brett and I just finished The Pharmacist, a 4 part series on Netflix. It’s about the opioid epidemic, but starts back in the late 90s. It’s frustrating and hard to learn about how we got into this crisis, but it is very well done, and worth the watch.

Our other show is McMillions on HBO and we are watching the 3rd episode tonight! It’s crazy. It follows the rigging of the insanely popular Monopoly game McDonalds ran for over a decade, mainly in the 90s. It’s funny, too, if you need something lighter.

I listen to podcasts a lot. This week, I got really into The Dream, that has two seasons. It’s all about MLMs, and the convoluted industry of “wellness”. The host, Jane Marie, makes me laugh, and I’ve been blowing through it.

How About You?

What are you reading right now?

Give me a documentary to watch!

What’s a recent recipe you made that you loved?

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