Weekly Recap: Hiking, Toddler Zoom, and At Home Workouts

Weekend Fun

Friday got insanely nice out and Owen and I have a regular activity of digging in the driveway with his trucks. I’m feeling like this is the new normal, where last week each day felt really out of whack. Not looking forward to the weeks and weeks and weeks of this, but I’m feeling more routine which is nice.

Saturday morning we headed out to Black Balsam Knob for a family hike that felt completely normal. We were gone past noon and it was so refreshing to drive up the Blue Ridge and breath the fresh air.

Saturday night we went to our neighbors house for a “6 feet pizza party” with 4 other people which felt weird. Everyone had been practicing rigid social distancing and there was a LOT of hand washing (why haven’t I been washing my hands this often my entire adult life?!). Our neighbor is a retired professional chef and built his own outdoor pizza oven and nothing will beat his pizza!


Owen’s school, Your Montessori School has been amazing during this break. If you have young kids, especially toddlers, you understand how hard it is to entertain, and keep some routine that helps them, while at home. They started a YouTube channel with little videos to watch so he can see his teachers and watch familiar games, stories, and songs.

Better yet, they are now doing a Zoom call every morning through the week at the same time. Owen gets to see his teachers and friends and it adds structure to our day!

Our walks have gotten much longer, and it’s actually nice to go out without a rush.

Workouts of the week

Saturday – Hike! And light strength training in the early morning.
Sunday – Soul Power on Zoom! (they are now doing it every Sunday!)
Monday – 30 minute DIY strength training
Tuesday – Recorded 6 videos for the Mama Workout Challenge
Wednesday – Nearly an hour of yoga hosted by my friend Renee, recorded 3 videos for the challenge, taught Fit4Baby via Zoom
Thursday – 30 minute Full Body Burner workout by Sydney Cummings, recorded last 4 videos for the challenge
Friday – 20 minute yoga flow with Five Parks Yoga, possibly going to go for a short run with O in the stroller today to give us both something to do. It may turn into a power walk, it’s been a hot minute since I ran with the stroller!

Yoga with Renee

Workout with me!

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What’s Cooking

Going to the grocery feels so different now, all I think about is all the hands that touch everything! I scrubbed my hands and sprayed the steering wheel with hand sanitizer and today we get groceries from Instacart.

Friday I made an oldie but goodie, baked chicken fingers. I used to make these a lot but in my head they took a lot of work. Ummm, not at all! I made these while Brett gave Owen a bath, and baked them in 20 minutes. I coat them in crushed Crispx but there are a lot of cereals that work, including honey nut Cheerios or Golden Grahams for a sweet and salty version.

Monday I got crafty and looked at what I had to work with. I ended up making delicious quesadillas using roasted turkey breast that had been frozen, apples, goat cheese spread, and avocado.

There are no pictures of the burgers I mad on Wednesday because I was hangry. I’m sure you understand!

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

Y’all. Start watching Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness as soon as you can. I don’t even know how to describe the characters in this documentary about people raising exotic animals. It. Has. Everything.

Nearing the end of The 4-Hour Work Week pretty slowly because libraries are not open. I’m hoping my mom can find her copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up because this feels like the ideal time to do that. If not, looks like I’ll be reading lots of prenatal nutrition books because that’s what I own.

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Listening to

Outside of coaching/online business podcasts, I like listening to easy conversations. Girl Next Door is fitting that bill right now, as I am getting dangerously close to catching up with Dear Prudence

What about you?

Are you watching Tiger King????

What does your new routine look like?

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