Weekly Recap: Green Chef, Birthdays, Libby Saves the Day

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It’s crazy, and refreshing, that these weeks are going by at the same speed as when the world was functioning. This week we’ve seen such amazing weather that the thought of another month+ isn’t making me *too* batty!

With many of the National Forest’s closed, we took a family walk on the small trail by the river near our house, and set up our hammock. The refreshing thing I am reminded of in these times of reduction, is that we really do not need much to enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

The majority of our good-weather days are spent either walking to construction sites, or digging in the neighbors dirt pile. I am just as happy as Owen, because I sit on a blanket with music and read a book while he creates his own construction site.

Seriously, I should be paying my neighbor an hourly childcare rate! He even hid coins for Owen to find.

Tuesday was Brett’s 35th birthday and his mom came through with Short Street Cakes cupcakes!

Owen could not wait for the picture to be taken before diving in

Workouts of the Week

Saturday – 30 minute total body strength with Sydney Cummings
Sunday – 60 minute Soul Power on Zoom
Monday – 40 minute total body strength with Sydney Cummings
Tuesday – 30 minutes of HIIT with my new fave, Sydney Cummings
Wednesday –30 minute total body yoga toning – intermediate vinyasa yoga with Yoga with Kassandra, taught Fit4Baby via Zoom
Thursday – 30 minute HIIT strength workout with Sydney Cummings
Friday – 30 minute pilates strong workout with Sydney Cummings

I have a new trick with my workouts, that I discovered was possible on Saturday. I get Owen set up with a storytime on YouTube on my phone, and start my workout, casting it to the TV from my computer. He talks to me during it, and comes over when he is done eating.

It’s not the me-time I get when I do it during nap, but this way I can use nap for more creative brainpower activities like blog writing or pitching podcasts.

This is the first one he watched, but look up “Celebrity storytime” on YouTube and you’ll find a TON!

What’s Cooking

Most of the week was spent cooking our 6 Green Chef meals, gifted to us by my MIL, bless her freaking heart!

Chinese BBQ Meatballs

Brett’s birthday night was an Asheville order-in kinda dinner. We picked up Pizza Mind for dinner, and had The Hop Ice Cream with our cupcakes!

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

Reading – Thanks to a friend, I was reminded to download Libby and get my library fix! You enter your library card and can borrow audible and e-books fo free. I found The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and have already started to attack my closet! It’s a super quick read, so luckily a package arrived from my mom with two books that I can choose from next.

Watching Ozark is back for season 3 and we are into even more than the last 2! We’ll likely finish it over the weekend so send me recommendations on what to put on next.

Listening – I’ve been mixing it up with my podcasts lately, sampling a few in various categories, but here are a few that are sticking!

What about you?

What’s your favorite YouTube workout channel?

What restaurant do you miss going to the most?

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