Weekly Recap: Getting Crafty, Supporting Local Restaurants, Taking it Online

Weekend Fun

Last weekend seems like another time. School was still in session, we were simply being cautious about going to grab a drink and food, and, in general, things didn’t seem as uncertain.

Friday we walked to Urban Orchard (West Asheville) for some delicious cider, and Owen surprised us by walking the ENTIRE WAY HOME!

Saturday night we ventured to The Whale and sat in our own corner while gloved waiters brought our dinner from Haywood Common. The eerie feeling started creeping in with the emptiness of the restaurant, and the notion that this would likely be one of the last times we’d be out at a restaurant.

I dubbed Sunday, “Self-Care Sunday”, since I had an acupuncture appointment, and Brett had a massage scheduled. Before that, Owen and I played on the basketball court while Brett played hockey, and we all went for a family hike in the afternoon. It was a wonderful Sunday!

Workouts of the week

Saturday – 1 hour Strength Fusion class at the YMCA (little did I know this would be my last Y workout for the foreseeable future)
Sunday – 35 minute Power Yoga video and hike
Monday – 30 minute DIY strength training at home
Tuesday – 40 minute Cardio Kickboxing and Abs at home (I love Sydney Cummings!)
Wednesday – 40 minute Vinyasa Flow at home (‘m realizing right now that I can stop typing “at home”), taught Fit4Baby via Zoom
Thursday – 25 minute DIY strength training plus led a 10 minute Tabata workout on Facebook Live. Did you join?! Stay tuned to my FB page for future Live workouts!
Friday – Soul Power Spring Equinox class via Zoom

What’s cooking

Oh man, you guys, I have been flying by the seat of my skillet this week! I managed to pull together meals every night but Wednesday when we ordered from Itto Ramen which we have been wanting to try for a while.

I don’t have much of a menu plan going into next week, but my overall plan is to cook a little less, and order local a little more. Normally, it feels like I failed in some way to order out, but these are different times, and Brett and I want to support our local restaurants as best we can. There is so much amazing food in Asheville, it won’t be hard!

Sunday, I threw together a sweet potato hash. I sautéed sweet potatoes with red peppers and red onion, adding garlic, cumin, and chili powder. Then I added some black beans and topped with a sunnyside up egg and avocado.

Tuesday night, or maybe Monday? Ugh, I honestly don’t remember! I made a quick taco salad. I seasoned ground beef and cooked it with white onion, and put it atop an organic greens mix with corn, black beans (using the rest of the can), avocado, and salsa.

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

I finished One Foot in Eden and got to start The 4-Hour Work Week on Tuesday. I guess I have an eternity to read it since the library is closed. I’m only 60 pages in, but it’s giving me new ways to think about success, and the path to it, already! I’ll need to see what books I have on my bookshelf for when I finish this one.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was, as always, sobering yet funny and is available for all to watch (just clickity click that link). We wanted to laugh, and watched Marc Maron’s special End Times Fun on Netflix and it’s funny but also insane to hear him basically predicting Coronavirus. I mean , not really, but totally.

Thank the good Lord for podcasts, amiright?! Business-wise, I started listening to Health Coach Power Community and love the Q&A style. One of m absolute favorite podcasts, One Bad Mother, had a Pandemic Genius Spectacular, where they played and discussed listener “geniuses”. One woman said she, inadvertently, discovered that putting a temporary tattoo (or sticker) on her toddler’s forearm and then could tell them to cough and sneeze on Cat in the Hat, thus easily teaching them to cough into their elbow. Also, dry erase markers work on windows, so let them go crazy! (But, maybe do a test first) It’s great!

How About You?

How are you dealing with the world?!?!

More specifically, any movies, shows, or podcasts would be amazing! Please share 🙂

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