Weekly Recap: Easter Eggs, Garden Time, Insta*Hug Challenge

Highlight Reel

Saturday was our best weather of the weekend, so we took advantage and hid a few eggs for Owen to hunt. This was the first egg hunt he’s done, and that was great because I only have brown eggs which don’t take to dye very well.

Sunday was filled with healthy choices. We started the morning with a walk to Hole Doughnuts, where we stood in the parking lot and a gloved angel dropped our bag on an outdoor table, and thanked us for our continued support. Whatever we can do for you, Hole Doughnuts!

Next, Brett busted out his Christmas gift and made our first batch of home brew!

We’ve been doing Storytime with my parents, and it’s been a really fun was to connect with them over Facetime. Owen could listen to books for days!

Another really fun thing going on in my world this week is the Insta*Hug Challenge run by my friend Chris of Sweaty Wisdom. It’s Monday-Thursday and she has PACKED these 4 days with tons of actionable information. I looked forward to each days live lesson and am having fun implementing what we’re learning.

She is seriously awesome so check her out on Insta here if you’re ready to grow your impact on the Insta’s.

Wednesday I got my green thumb out and planted cabbage and kale! We’ll see how it holds up…

Workouts of the Week

Saturday – 30 minute full body strength with Sydney Cummings
Sunday – 60 minute Soul Power dance
Monday – 25 minute DIY strength training
Tuesday – 30 minute HIIT cardio and abs with Sydney Cummings
Wednesday – DIY yoga, around 25 minutes
Thursday – 30 minute strength and conditioning with Sydney Cummings
Friday – 45 minute Yoga Strong Workout with Sydney Cummings

What’s Cooking

I’m really proud of us, we made it 13 days between grocery trips! Some things I threw together this week include:

Burgers with sweet potato chips (I use our mandoline slicer)

Turkey tacos with apple salsa (based on this recipe)

Frozen pizza for the win! We made two, because Brett was “really hungry”. Beet and goat cheese was amazing and a Harris Teeter brand, and the other is southwest veggie.

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

Watching – We finished Ozark – omg go watch season 3! – and went on to watch Dave Chappelle’s Mark Twain prize award show. It’s long so we watched it over a few nights, but highly recommend, Lots of great comedians give speeches that are, of course, hilarious.

Reading – I just started The Immortalists which my mom mailed to me, and it’s been a great read so far! I usually over-research the next book to read, but times are different so I opened the package and started reading, pleasantly surprised to truly enjoy picking it up!

Listening – Lots of John Prine in our house as he passed last week. His music is beyond, and I’m happy Owen enjoys it, too. We’ve been playing him live shows, either streaming from local artists, or musicians we love like Jim James.

What about you?

What are your favorite Insta accounts that make you lol?

Give me your live performances to listen to!

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