Weekly Recap: Business, Sunshine, and Walks

Highlight Reel: We’ve had some amazing sunny days and I swear it is insane how different my mood (and general outlook on life) is when I’m out in the sunshine.

I never saw myself as someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder (I just love that the acronym is SAD, that just worked out beautifully) but with no other distractions, my mood is much more tied to the sun.

We played on the deck a lot this week, and went on multiple walks to the construction site, and on the train by our home.

Praise be to the bubble gun
Best day!

Workouts of the Week

Saturday – 25 minutes DIY strength training
Sunday – 60 minute Soul Power dance
Monday – 30 minute full body strength with Sydney Cummings
Tuesday – 30 minute cardio tabata with Sydney Cummings
Wednesday – 25 minute yoga playground with 5 Parks Yoga
Thursday –  40 minute power pilates with Sydney Cummings
Friday – 30 minute yoga strength & sculpt by Yoga With Kassandra

Yoga vibe

What’s Cooking

Over the weekend I made a new recipe that I’ll definitely do again! I used a mix of broccoli rice (found it in the freezer, no idea when I got it!) and quinoa as a base, and Brett grilled the pineapple and chicken while I was putting O down for the night.

Saturday we did a Zoom call with 4 other couples after the kids were down, and busted out the cheese board!

I usually hate recap emails, but the New York Times Cooking’s What to Cook This Week has been amazing and I’ve cooked at least 3 recipes from them, including this French Onion Grilled Cheese!

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

Watching – Again, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is beyond. I just get frustrated thinking that the people who need to see it the most, I’m sure are not watching it. We also just started Waco because, cults!

Reading – You guys, The Immortalists is a really fun read! It took a turning point yesterday and I’m excited to get back into it today, I’m well over halfway through it and feel I can recommend it for a solid fiction read.

Listening to – My morning solo dog walks with a business podcast in my ear is like a brainstorming, motivation boosting power (half) hour! This week I found Melissa Lin’s Fierce Business Babe and The #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur podcasts and it’s helping me make my courses the absolute best they can be! Seriously, I’m super excited putting them together and can’t wait to launch them!

What About You?

Do you like learning about cults, and why is your answer “OMG YES!”?

What should I read next?!

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