Ways Quarantine can Boost Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery

We’re (still) in a weird time, completely out of our normal routine. Even as we create new routines, THIS ISN’T REAL LIFE!

Years ago, before changing my tight grip on healthy eating and exercise, this whole stay-at-home-situation would have thrown me in a whole different loop. Not being able to get to a gym, no run group, and being at home all day with an open kitchen probably would have made my head explode.

There are many of you who are in that boat right now. Maybe you’ve even started making changes to your routine in an effort to regain your cycle (woot, you’re awesome, let’s talk!).

I feel like the shelter in place order is going to propel you forward, or send you back to undereating and overexercising, because control is really comforting right now!

Here are a few quick tips to make the most of quarantine for recovering your period.


Snack with abandon

For someone who counts calories and is burdened with food rules, being at home with an open kitchen all day every day is like the wild west. This is a great time to up those calories and practice guilt-free snacking.

Eat off-script, and see what happens. If you are missing a period and even suspect it’s due to Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, you NEED more calories. End of discussion! Yes, you probably think they should all be “healthy”, but your body doesn’t care about that right now as much as you think it does. Get your calories up (like, 2,200+), and work the rest out once you’re cycling again.

Order out

There is a bonus benefit to this one in that you’re boosting your local businesses which they really need right now. We’ve been eating Taco Billy at least once a week because we care about small businesses damnit!

Anyway, the part where it affects you (aside from keeping your favorite eateries open so you can eat there) is to confuse your calorie math and become one of those people who orders out on a whim and doesn’t restrict to makeup for it.

I’ve talked with women who deep in their recovery – maybe they’ve even gotten their period back – are counting calories because it’s engrained in their routine. It’s almost an unconscious act and they have memorized so many foods that they can’t help it.

The same terrifying factor of ordering out – not knowing the calorie count, not knowing all the ingredients – is what helps you truly recover.


Avoid going above and beyond

It’s easy to want to make up for missed gym classes or run groups and maintain your normal life workout routine. Use this time to reset your habits. Take a total break from your workout routine and see how it feels.

This is Mother Earth telling us to do less, so take it as a permission from the Universe to let go.

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Get outside

First off, it’s literally the only thing we can do. Get your dog out more often, sit outside for your coffee, plug in a podcast and wander around your neighborhood.

Walking is a gentle way to move your body and get all the feel good vibes from being in the world, especially in the sun. It will boost your mood and get you out of your head.

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