5 Easy Dinner Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less! for nights you need dinner on the table in 30 minutes!

Getting dinner on the table – much less, a homemade, healthy dinner – is a huge struggle for a lot of us. No matter how much you enjoy cooking, starting a complicated and ingredient stacked recipe at 7pm is no one’s idea of an easy evening! I know, because that’s me at least 3 nights a week.

Those are the nights I rely on what I call “halfway to homemade” dinners. There’s some cooking, or at least assembling, involved so I get to create dinner for myself and my husband – something I truly enjoy – but many of the few ingredients used are already cooked or prepped, making it a breeze to be home and eating within 30 minutes.

Here are my top 5 healthy halfway to homemade dinners you can make the next time you’re in a crunch!

I tend to keep a lot of these items on hand for nights something suddenly comes up and I don’t have time for a more extensive recipe. Here is a list of my favorites to make a quick meal with! Click image for a PDF to print.

Want more easy dinners? My Simply Healthy Weeknight Dinners is for YOU! I did the recipe vetting, weekly meal planning, and grocery list writing for you, and it’s all in one place. Each recipe is a tasty balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, and lean protein from real foods. But, most importantly, no recipe has more than 5 ingredients.

Ready for a month of easy dinners?

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