Top 10 Sites of a Health Coach

While I am by no means an early adopter (in fact, I said I was not an “early adapter” which my husband found disproportionately hilarious), but I do have certain sites I rely on and some I am constantly sending to clients as a resource. Here are the top 10 sites I visit – ok, aside from Facebook – and how you can use them to enhance your health and happiness.

Weather – and

When someone says they haven’t checked the weather I cannot comprehend. I obsessively check the weather. I used to think it was a race day quirk, where I’d check the race day weather every few hours as soon as it was on the 10 day forecast, but I’ve realized it’s to plan accordingly for my day to avoid bring surprised and annoyed. If I’m going to ride my bike or walk somewhere, I check on what it will be doing when I’m leaving because the worst is getting stuck with your bike 5 miles from home in a downpour. I check to see if there’s going to be a 20 degree temperature drop (thanks, Chicago!) so I can bring an extra layer. This isn’t an exciting site to lead with, but there are many instances where being prepared has made my life that much easier.


I always give this app recommendation to clients and friends. The site has a ton more information with recipes and tips, but the food database and scanner on the app make grocery shopping better. You scan – or manually enter – the bar code of any food and up pops a health grade. It gives an explanation as to why it got that grade; Low in sugar, minimally processed, 100% whole grain, etc. As you learn which products are better and which brands tend to be more wholesome, you can make better decisions at the store.


Pinterest is one of those sites that is totally up to you in how you use it. You could spend hours scrolling and not really doing anything actionable, or you can make it a useful tool. I’ve made it useful by primarily using it as a digital recipe box and notepad. I only have 2 recipe boards, but am going to separate them into more specific categories. I love finding new recipes online, but am not going to make each I find that week so it’s pointless to print them out and I’m not jamming my inbox with single recipe links.

Enter: Pinterest. I save the ones I like and when I make my (super basic) meal plan, I browse from what I’ve saved. If I make something a few times, I write it on a recipe card, if it’s no good, I delete it. I have found many go-to recipe sites by noticing I consistently pinned recipes from their blogs! I also save things for later when I find I have 25,000 tabs open and am not going to read them just then.


This site is a one-stop-shop for wellness. Primarily blog posts, but videos and even courses thrown in, this site covers everything about whole health; mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental. I regularly share what I find here over on my FaceBook Page, but make it one of your regular browsing stops and discover healthy habits for yourself!


…or any wearable tracker. For me, I use a Fitbit to be aware of my movement throughout the day, but also how much I’m sleeping. There are a ton of choices when it comes to tracking your activity, but anything to bring awareness about what you’re really doing can help you identify trends and highlight where you can improve.


Living in Chicago without a car, getting to the grocery is a bit of an effort. In good weather it’s no big deal, but when the snow starts falling and temps are in the single digits (at best), it’s the last thing I want to do. Peapod – available in 24 US markets and counting – makes my life easier by delivering groceries to my door. You shop online and can have groceries delivered as soon as the next day or up to two weeks in advance. This also comes in handy when traveling. While at brunch visiting family in Texas, I used the app to “grocery shop”, and set a delivery up for 8am the next morning when we’d be home. That is valuable time I saved!

Training Peaks

The free version is all I find I need on this training tracker. I log my workouts and make use of the notes section to track how I feel and what I did that day. It’s nice to be able to go back and see how your workouts have progressed, and how consistent – or inconsistent – you’ve been.

Girls Gone Strong

This fitness driven site is more than your typical workout directory. Girls Gone Strong is on a mission to empower women to live a strong, fit and healthy life through step-by-step guidance based on the most up to date research in fitness and self confidence. The women who contribute here are hell bent on giving realistic advice and strategies to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Map My Run 

I started using Map My Run to plan out my long runs when marathon training, but find myself using it for much more nowadays. You can create routes to run, walk, bike, and save them, creating your personal database of measured courses. You can be more interactive by downloading their free app and tracking your exercise as you do it.


Think of YouTube as your private coach. I use YouTube for specific exercise demos – how exactly do you perform a Turkish Get-up? – yoga classes, cooking instructions, DIY home improvements, and hair how-to’s. If there’s something you don’t know how to do, ask YouTube to show you!

The internet can be a timesucker or a timesaver, it’s up to you. These sites save me time and enable be to learn, do, and achieve. Have fun discovering new sites to enhance your health!

What is a go-to site for you?


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