Three Lifestyle Shifts After Becoming a Mom

Hanging out with a few friends recently, one asked if there were things I really missed about my pre-mom life. I sat for a moment, thinking of the quiet mornings, the time I spent reading, the nights that ended the next morning.

“I miss moments of it, but I don’t care to go back there.”

Even though I long for a morning spent at a coffee shop with a book – that was my Mother’s Day ask – aspects of my life that seemed engrained, simply aren’t that important.

It’s no secret your life changes when you become a mom. But it isn’t so black and white as stopping things I enjoyed for things I have to do. It’s more of a shift of what’s important to me in this phase of life.

Here are three things that immediately popped up as different in my life as Mom:

Then: All-out workouts Now: Listening to what my body wants

I’ve posted before about decreasing my workouts during fertility treatments to get, and stay, pregnant, but that was just the tipping point.

Before even considering having a baby, I was an endurance runner who loved nothing more than a tough workout. By tough, I mean if during the workout I didn’t think, “omg, I don’t know if I can do this”, I felt it wasn’t hard enough.

Fitness was probably the biggest focus of my life, and while it’s still a priority, it’s just a piece of me.

Fitness was probably the biggest focus of my life, and while it’s still a priority, it’s just a piece of me.

I run maybe once a week, when the weather is nice and I can get outside. I take classes like Soul Sweat and Turbo Kick because they make me happy and energized. I do yoga when I’m low on energy or feel overwhelmed.

Before, I was working out for the aesthetics and challenge. Now, I workout to feel my best, emotionally and physically.

Then: Getting drunk Now: Feeling great in the morning

While I never really drank alcohol during the week, on Friday and Saturday nights the drinks would flow. I’m not talking fall down drunk, but drinking past tipsy was typical, and sleeping in a little later was necessary.

I still enjoy my drinks (and in Asheville it’s hard not to!) but I have probably 2 drinks on weekend nights as opposed to 5. I think when I was pregnant I realized how amazing it is to wake up feeling 100%.

Now that I’m up before 7am every day, it’s simply not worth it. My pre-baby self would be shocked to hear that I don’t miss it at all, but it’s true! Waking up ready to conquer is vastly better than late night drinks.

Then: TV as background noise Now: Podcasts/music as background noise

I’d say 80% of the time at home pre-baby, there was the sound of Law & Order. I didn’t technically watch what I put on TV, but I like noise in the background and would turn it on whether I was writing, cooking, or folding laundry.

Now that Owen is more and more aware of his surroundings, I don’t want the TV narrating his day. Brett and I watch a show with dinner after he’s in bed, but when it’s O and I hanging out at home I don’t turn it on.

However, spending hours on end with someone who can’t talk to you can make you a little crazy! I still like background noise, but I am much more selective. I have a few podcasts I enjoy that I’ll play on a small speaker, or I put on a Spotify playlist.

These shifts seemed to happen naturally for me, but there are some changes that seem to require more effort. This is why I started coaching new moms and moms-to-be. Figuring out how to make your priorities fit with your life as a mom is exactly what I help women do. Email me at for a free 20 minute Discovery Call and let’s make your action plan!

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