The One Factor That Determines Your Fitness Success

With an overwhelming amount of information on fitness routines at your fingertips, it’s hard to tell what you should make your focus.

  • Cardio before weights?
  • Lift heavy with low reps or light with high reps?
  • Full body or upper and lower splits?
  • Machines, dumbbells or bodyweight?
  • First thing in the morning or wait until evening?
  • Do group classes or workout on your own?

Try looking up the best way to improve your fitness and you can easily end up more confused than when you started!

Luckily all these plans depend on one single component: Consistency.

Every training plan; from a first 5K to an intricate bodybuilding competition plan, won’t accomplish much if they aren’t done with consistency.

Naturally, you aren’t going to see drastic changes in your physique, or be able to run a 3 hour marathon, without specialized training. But, to reap the vast benefits of exercise, all you need is to consistently get moving for 30 minutes most days of the week.

Picture this:

You haven’t worked out in 7 days, then go for an hour run (good luck with that, by the way!). Now, you’re too sore to do anything the rest of the week. So, you got 60 minutes of exercise in 2 weeks.

But, fit in 30 minutes of power walking between errands on 4 days, run for 30 minutes on 3 days, and lift weights for 30 minutes 3 days, and get 5 hours of exercise in that same 2 weeks. Plus, you never spent over 30 minutes exercising, and enjoyed 4 full rest days!

What’s a girl to do?

So many of us are daunted by the feeling if they can’t fit in a straight 45-60 minute sweat fest, there’s no point. Wrong. Every bit adds up. Get your heart rate up for a couple 10-15 minute sessions a day and you’re benefiting. Remember: Any minutes are better than no minutes.

“Great!” You’re thinking. “I get the importance, I want the benefits, but how do I make working out consistently part of my life?”. I’m glad you asked!

Set the right goals

Your motivation to workout should come from within and is best if not tied to something external (extrinsic goal). Fitting into a dress for an event or slimming down for a vacation are both fine (and common) goals, but what happens after the event passes?

Extrinsic goals are great to have for the short-term so do set them, but focus on an internal (intrinsic goal) as your “big picture” motivator. Having more energy, lowering your blood pressure and feeling less stressed are just a few examples.

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Do what you like

Hate running more than a root canal? Don’t run! There’s no one way to workout so get creative and find something you’ll actually enjoy doing. Swimming, team sports, kickboxing, outdoor bootcamp, dance workout DVDs, etc . The list goes on and adding variety will keep it fresh so you don’t burnout.

Write it down and check it off

Schedule your workouts like you would any other commitment. On Sunday  block off the best times for you to get in a workout and you won’t find yourself with “no time”. Better yet, get it done before work, that way no matter what the day throws at you, you already got your sweat on!

Write it in your schedule/calendar and check off the days you workout, or use an online fitness tracker for an additional social media boost, and feel great about yourself as you see all the work you put in.

Plan and attack! Stay on track and reach your fitness goals sooner.

It’s not all or nothing

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a scheduled day, it’s not the end of the world! Life happens and you can’t always fit in everything. Get back to it the next day possible and remember it’s consistency, not perfection that you’re aiming for.

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Plan ahead

Eliminate as many barriers to exercise as you can. Have snacks in your car and at work so you aren’t famished and have energy to workout. Have shoes and workout clothes at work so you don’t have to go home in between.

Can’t leave the house? Print out a go-to at home workout you can do with no equipment so you don’t have to waste time coming up with a routine.

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If nothing else, keep in mind that something is better than nothing. Once you’re consistent with exercise it will become part of your routine. It gets easier and easier to fit it in, and easier and easier to perform.

Starting a fitness habit is not quick, but with repetition you can adjust your routine. Health Coaching focuses on behavior change, and getting you closer to your ideal life. Want help staying on track, or need someone in your corner when you slip? Shoot me an email at to set up a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call!

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