The One Question at the Root of Our Information Overconsumption

I recently sent out a survey to my Facebook group to get a better idea of what they were searching for and the support they truly needed. As the results trickled in, I found a theme. From there, I surmised an essential question at the root of our constant quest for information:

Am I doing it Right?

I thought back to my own Google searches, conversations with friends, and all the texts with my Mom, and there it was at the bottom: My search for someone or something to confirm that I am doing this whole human thing “right”.

It is truly amazing how much information we have at our fingertips, but it is taking us further and further away from our Intuition, creating rampant self-doubt.

From the little things, like deciding what coffee maker to buy by spending hours reading review sites and comparison charts, to big things like making a career change and asking on Facebook groups what the best choice would be after reading 12 blog posts about the topic.

There is nothing wrong with gathering information. The trouble arises when we are assigning validation and our own self-worth in the answers.

Before going down rabbit-hole after rabbit-hole, ask yourself what you’re really looking for in the answers you’re getting. Remember that you are gathering information to make the right decision for you, and that there is no Universal “right” way.

We are all out here creating our own path. The best way to know you’re doing this Life thing right is not by information gathering, but by testing it out for yourself. Get the basics of what your options are, and decide what sounds best. Try it out and re-evaluate. Keep doing this until you find what feels best. And, don’t forget, your preferences change! What feels Right this year, may be vastly different from 5 years ago, and it may not make sense for you 5 years from now.

Yoga is an awesome example. Instead of seeing the instructor as doing the exact shapes you should be replicating, take their flow as a guideline and move at a pace and in a way that feels best to your body to create the best yoga practice for you.

When you feel caught in the pull of finding the Right or Best way to do something, whether that is the preliminary work of research or the final assessment of finding validation, remember how absolutely nuts it would be if we were all on Earth doing the exact same thing!

Go forth, my friend, and enjoy creating your own Right path, finding validation from your own enjoyment.

Increasing self-confidence, self-worth, and finding presence throughout the process is what I help my clients achieve. If you’re tired of being caught up in the hustle, find a spot on my calendar, and let’s see if I can help pull you out.

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