The Missing Link to Setting Better Goals in 2022

Welp, it’s that time of year again, when we become absolutely obsessed with goals. And, here I am, adding yet another post to the Internet about your 2022 goals, but hear me out!

I trust that you know a lot about goal setting. I trust that if you were searching for goal-setting posts, or saw my post and clicked that sucker immediately, that you are not someone I need to tell why goals are important, that we need to know where we’re going if we are to get there and yadda yadda yadda.

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I’m simply honing in on one crucial aspect you are liking glossing over when setting your 2022 goals. (or any goals for that matter.) I say “likely”, because for the longest time I ignored this aspect, too.

In short, you’re overlooking autonomy.

We love to set our end goals outside of our control. Sure, you may list an action under your goal within your control, but I want you to imagine the confidence and success that is possible when you make your end goal something you have autonomy over.

Here’s an example. If I set a goal to book 10 podcasts in January, I’m ultimately putting that end result in someone else’s hands. The people I am pitching will say yes or no, or not reply at all. But, when I make the focus of my goal to pitch 6 podcasts a week, I am in full control of hitting that goal.

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Yes, the end result of getting on more podcasts is the overarching goal here, but my sense of confidence in myself and of achieving my goals relies on me. I either did or did not pitch 6 podcasts a week. Now, whether I get booked on 8 or 12, as long as I pitched 6 podcasts a week, I feel accomplished and confident because I hit my goal. That secondary goal of booking 10 is no longer on a pedestal, deciding how I feel about myself.

You can do this with any goal. Maybe your goal is to get a promotion this year. In the end, that is up to someone else. They decide to give you a promotion or not. But when you switch your goal to speaking up and contributing to every meeting, to finishing your projects on time, you put yourself in a position to ask and get that promotion in a way that is in your control. You can hit that goal and it won’t feel so pointless if you do not get the promotion. You hit your goal and the bigger end result is a bonus if it happens.

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