The Healthy Approach to Wellness When Life Changes

healthy approach to life changes

There is a LOT going on in your 30’s. You’ve finally gotten your feet somewhat planted, then things start to change, and the things that change are BIG things; marriage, homeownership, kids, career, etc. And these changes are exciting! And these changes are important. But, so is your health.

When you’re comfortable in your job, you have no kids or mortgage to pay, maybe you’re getting in 2 strength training sessions in each and every week and running 3-4 days while training for a 10K. You’re eating home cooked meals 4 nights a week at home and bringing your lunch to the office. It’s routine, it’s not overwhelming and you feel great!

Then, you buy a house in a different neighborhood – extending your commute – and for a chance at that promotion towards your dream job you’re going to have many a late evening at the office. Your life has taken some big changes, which you appreciate, but are frustrated when you can’t keep up your same healthy habits. You think, “that’s it, I guess I just don’t workout anymore!”, or maybe you feel destined to eat fast food for the rest of your life. You feel out of control and it’s not fun!




Sure, maybe doing what you were before is out of reach right now, but, instead of focusing on where you were, what if you spent that energy figuring out a game plan for where you are now?

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 A Few Thoughts on the Food Part

If you love to cook, but the meal planning and grocery shopping are now a major stress with your late hours, consider outsourcing. Services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and, Plated deliver everything you need to cook healthy at home.

If you have time to cook, but not as often, go for bigger casseroles or slow cooker meals. This way you can cook once and be covered for multiple dinners and even lunches. My favorite sites for recipes are; Skinny Taste, Pinch of Yum, and Gimme Some Oven!

Maybe you have zero time to cook. You are not alone!  Thanks to companies like Freshology, Sprig, Sunfare, and FitzeeFoods, your healthy meals don’t have to be a thing of the past! These aren’t the wimpy frozen dinners that come to mind when you hear “meal delivery”, instead they are prepared fresh with a variety of diet and health goals in mind, packaged and delivered to your door.

A Few Thoughts on the Exercise Part

If you used to have practically limitless time to workout, you may feel anything less than an hour is not worth it. So. Wrong. Interval workouts with very intense periods followed by a recovery interval can get you fit in much less time. The Tabata method is a great example of this, read more here!

If you have no gym, can’t fit in a gym trip due to your commute, or perhaps have small kids at home, bodyweight workouts are your BFF. The most glorious thing about bodyweight training is you already own all the equipment needed for a total body workout and – better yet – it’s ALWAYS with you! This means you can save money on a gym, weights, and machines, as well as time by not commuting or setting anything up. Check out my favorite bodyweight exercises for each major muscle group in this post. But wait! There’s more! I have a whole e-book, Strongher in :30, of 16 cardio and strength workouts available here!

There are also those transitions where you are lucky to have time to shower, and sleep will trump any form of exercise. If this is you, do not think for a second this is your life forever. Know that you will get back to working out, in whatever form that takes. For now, focus on doing what you can to increase your activity throughout your day. Walking has so many benefits – check out this post for more on that – and will do wonders for your mental wellbeing in stressful times. Do what you can for now, whether that’s long walks with a new baby, or swimming because of a joint injury. Just move in someway you can fit into your life and enjoy. When it’s time, you’ll be back. And, you will be fierce!

Start where you are

Earlier I wrote about The Fluctuation of Balance, detailing how to recognize transitions in your life balance, and keeping in mind they are just that; transitions. When you’re in a transition that is hard – and you will be more than once! – remember that it’s just for now. Whether “now” is a month or 2 years (all of you with kids under 5!) you will get back to a more comfortable routine, so make the most of the one you’re in.

If you’re struggling with figuring out your game plan, my 4-Week Kickstarter Program can help you create a plan that works for your life as it is now. Shoot me an email with your biggest hurdle and let’s discuss if it’s the right step for you!

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