best gifts for newborns

The Best Gifts for Newborns

Guests who reply “yes” to your baby shower, really do appreciate suggestions on what gifts you would truly appreciate, and actually use for your baby. Busy expectant moms can use some ideas, too. Here are some of the best gifts for newborns—and what to put on your registry.

Skin Care Gift Sets

There are several brands of natural or organic skin care sets. They include things like bath gels, lotions, wipes, and even special soap for washing baby’s dishes. Other sets focus on caring for new moms, with lotions and skin care items to help transition back to their pre-pregnancy body.

Simply Well Top Pick

The Honest Company Baby Arrival Gift Set

Milestone Markers

Blocks that rearrange to display their age are a great way to mark baby milestones. I know I had fun taking photos each month to see how he had grown, and it’s a perfect addition to our baby book

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Lovely Sprouts Solid Wood Milestone Age Blocks

Letters to Baby Sets

These booklets with writing prompts help harried new parents collect their thoughts in letter form. You can show your child when they grow up, and have memories from those early months and years. As an adult, it’s fun to look back at your life as an infant, and letters form a part of family history.

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Letter to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

Organic Layette Set

Baby’s skin is sensitive and soft. Gift-givers can find hats, onesies, jumpers and sleep sets in organic cotton that keep baby comfortably covered. These are great starter sets for your newborn’s earliest weeks.

Simply Well Top Pick

Touched by Nature Layette Gift Set

Sock Rattles

These are simply adorable. Babies love to kick up their heels, and socks with built-in rattles make it fun and fascinating, not to mention entertaining for parents. Wearable wrist-rattles do the same for happy little hands.

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Soft Baby Socks and Wrist Rattles

Swaddling Blankets and Carrying Wraps

Swaddling has gotten higher-tech, with fabrics that accommodate a baby’s movements while also providing a soothing, snug feeling. Likewise, wraps and slings for carrying little ones now come in versions that adapt as the baby grows, and versions designed to be kind to parental shoulders, backs, and hips.

Simply Well Top Pick

KeaBabies All-in-One Baby Wrap Carrier

Bib Sets and Burp Cloths

As baby’s clothes and chin need protection from drips and drools, parental shoulders need absorbent cloths to guard shirts when burping the baby after a meal. Both bibs and burp cloths now come in organic fabrics that are both absorbent and comfortable. It’s hard to have too many of these!

Ana Baby Drool Bib Gift Set

Eco-Friendly or Charitably Generous Gifts

Teethers and toys made from recycled materials with food-grade dyes, or buy-one-give-one gifts are popular with eco-conscious moms. Gifting well, while doing good is a win-win for giver and receiver alike.

Simply Well Top Pick

Cuddle and Kind: One doll = 10 meals for children in need

Baby Travel Kit

Pre-packed baby toiletries that comply with travel regulations save headaches for new moms when packing for their baby’s first flight to go visit Grandma.

Simply Well Top Pick

Kairos-Go TSA Approved Kid Travel Set

These are just a few of the best gifts for newborns, but the list could be much longer. Fabric books, board books, and pacifiers with attached plush animals that are easy to hold, are all contenders. Whether the giver is on a budget or willing to splurge, gifts for newborns are really about celebrating the joy of a new addition to a family, so have fun making wish lists or fulfilling them.

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