Sundried Tomato, Basil & Goat Cheese Burgers

Around my sophomore year of high school I decided to give up McDonald’s burgers cold turkey (or beef, rather), not forever but for a while. While I didn’t eat them constantly, I did have them enough that I had a standard order. It wasn’t to lose weight, but to put better things in my body than fast food burgers. I planned to give them up for, “a while”, with no timeframe set but figured after a month I could treat myself to one if I so wanted.

It was hard at first. I remembered how they tasted, I passed the familiar yellow arches nearly everyday on my way home from school and my friends still ate there. But I held strong. After a month I thought, “I could eat one now if I wanted, it’s been a while!” but I felt I could save that long awaited meal for a more special day. Another few weeks went by and I thought, “It’s been longer than I thought I’d last, I could totally eat one guilt free now.” Then I had a wonderful realization. I didn’t want one. It didn’t sound good to eat and certainly didn’t sound like a reward to myself. I haven’t had a fast food burger since and I don’t miss them in the least!

Heathy(er) eating is like that. Once you treat your body good for a month or so, you stop – or at least cut down – on craving the unhealthy junk.

Don’t get me wrong, I still go out and I love a good burger. But now I want to either indulge in a gourmet restaurant quality burger, or better yet, make one for myself! And with that long winded intro, I give you:


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