Social Detox: How to Clean Up Your Feed

Yesterday my husband was showing me a mountain biking video from his feed and I realized how truly different Instagram looks on his phone versus mine.

It may not feel like it, but we are in control of what we put in front of our face, and it can support us or drain us.

I almost feel it’s a joke now, because every workshop I do, I bring up doing a social detox…yet I had never written a full post on it!

In this post, I’m breaking down how to not only clean up your social feed, but how to keep a nice balance going forward.

social detox

First, take a 2 day total break

Before you close this tab, hear me out! We inundate ourselves with our feeds and have desensitized our brains to the scroll. To start this social detox, you need a more level head and grasp on how you feel without social influence.

Trust me, you can survive!
  • Hide your go-to social apps in a folder or delete them entirely from your phone.
  • Pick which is easier to do this, a weekend or weekday (although I do suggest a weekend so you can be fully present in your life without work.)
  • Think ahead of things you can do instead of grabbing your phone. (Get a good book, start a craft, meet up with friends, get your butt outside!)

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Re-enter and scroll with a mission to unfollow

Take a moment to assess how you feel before entering the world of the socials, and how you want to feel. Write 3 words down that sum up how you want to feel, so you can come back to them as you scroll.

Set a timer for 15-20 minutes and start scrolling and notice how posts hit you.

When you catch a post that in any way makes you feel anything other than your words, go to the account and see if any of their posts are worth your energy. Unfollow if you feel negatively after seeing their feed.

Get cutthroat here. I want you to block time to go through with the sole purpose of unfollowing, so you build momentum.

Ask yourself the following:
  • Why am I following this account?
  • Do I compare myself negatively?
  • Do I feel better or worse looking at their feed?
  • Is this helping me?
  • Will I miss seeing their posts?

So often we start following accounts for motivation, but at some point it turns to negative comparison. Be careful of that trap!

You won’t have to ask yourself all of these questions for each account. It will get much more intuitive and easier the longer you are scrolling and unfollowing.

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Rebuild your feed

Now for the fun part! Refocus yourself by taking a walk or doing something offline. Come back with those words of how you want to feel when you get on (and off) your feed.

Look at your saved posts. What is it about them that make you feel good? Really take some time to think about what makes you feel empowered, positive, happy, confident.

Do quotes stick with you? Nature? Curated or real life pictures?

When you hit on a feed that checks those boxes, look at the related/suggested accounts and go down a feel-good rabbit hole.

Fill up your feed with posts and accounts that bring you closer to those words you wrote down. You should feel better about yourself and your life when you log off.

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Housekeeping tips

  • Maintain a clean feed by thinking of this experience before you follow anyone. You are the bouncer, act like it! It is a privilege to be on your feed.
  • Cut down on your social media time in general. Think of how you spent those two feed-free days. Start a hobby, engage in your life and the world without your phone at your fingertips.
  • Take a total break from social media regularly! This could be a full day a week, a weekend once a month, even a time block every day (wake up until 10am, no social after dinner, etc.)
  • Perform the detox/unfollow session once a month or every quarter. Just like junk builds up in our homes, it builds in our feeds in sneaky ways. Accounts you followed for a raffle, a person you met at a networking event, etc.

Let’s get real. It’s hard to cut our time on social media, and even harder to block ourselves from being dragged down by comparison. I help women find and ditch what’s killing their self-confidence using my unique coaching method. Together we identify who they are at the core, what they truly want, and how to approach their life with passion and purpose.

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