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Quick Tips to Take the Fear Out of Gaining Weight

By far, the number one fear of recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, or cutting back on intense workouts, is gaining weight.⁠ On the outside, most are hesitant to admit that, because it feels self-centered, but it’s a very real and very valid fear!

It felt ridiculously superficial that gaining weight was my hesitation in getting my period back and getting pregnant.⁠ So, I know what that feels like!

Why are we terrified of weight gain?

Gaining weight goes against everything we’re told is healthy. Diet culture has led us to believe that losing weight is the be-all-end-all goal by default.⁠ Who would try to do the opposite?!

👉The food industry constantly pushes low calorie foods in our faces with the vague label of “healthy” plastered on them.

👉Social media is waaaaay overloaded with quick weight loss scams products.

👉The way women talk to one another makes it clear that gaining weight would be bad, and losing weight is award winning.

For many, to recover from HA, gaining weight is a must

The vast majority of women recovering from HA, need to gain weight. There’s no way to know exactly how much will do the trick, but it’s a crucial part of the equation.⁠

So, how do you get over that fear?⁠ I want to tell you, that weighing more will be the smallest concern of yours once you get your period!

hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery and weight gain

Here are a few tips to get comfortable with the idea of gaining weight:


Set either a weight goal or a time goal. For example, gaining 5 pounds, or a committing to reduced exercise and more calories for 4 weeks. Reach that goal and set the next one. ⁠


Get clothes that you feel confident in and that fit your body. Your body will change, and maybe you won’t need an entire new wardrobe – honestly, I think I got rid of 2 pair of jeans – but you want to have clothes that fit you and you like to wear.

Clothes have a huge effect on your confidence. You’ll likely be full of doubts as you start your journey to recovery, so don’t let your clothes add to that self-doubt.


Mute if you must, but stop subjecting yourself to photos that make you feel blah.⁠ Look at the fitness accounts and #fitspo influencers that were probably meant to inspire you, and get kick ’em out! People you know from run group that are training for their next race are probably not the best to follow right now either.

The thought of gaining weight is worse than actually gaining it.

On the other side of this, and 15 pounds more, I have just as much confidence (actually more!) than I did at my smallest.⁠

If your fear of gaining weight is stopping you from taking action in recovering your period, check the Work With Me tab. I get real with my clients about weight gain, and together we tackle fears around weight gain and so so so much more.

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hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery

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