Quick at Home Workouts: When You Have 5, 10, or 20 Minutes

While it would be amazing to have a full hour to workout, for most of us, 30 minutes or less is the reality. If you’re a mom, your workout has to fit into a tight schedule, and commuting to a gym or studio is simply not in the cards.

There are days you don’t expect to have time to workout, then magic happens and you find yourself with a few extra minutes, or you’re stuck with an awkward amount of time between commitments. For those times, short and sweet at home workouts are a lifesaver!

You’ll get a boost of energy, and a mood-enhancing endorphin rush to go along with it. Win-win!

Here are 3 workouts you can do at home with no equipment when you find yourself with 5, 10, or a luxurious 20 minutes to move!

5 Minute Total Body Workout

10 Minute Total Body Workout

20 Minute Total Body Tabata Workout

Finding the time to workout does not just happen. Scheduling exercise is a huge help, but beyond that, looking for opportunities to move will help you be consistent!

Get your fitness on track with these planning & tracking printables!

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