journal prompts for body positivity

Powerful Journal Prompts for Body Positivity

Diet-culture pulled a fast one on us.

Everyday we get messages that say:

  • You should work off the calories we eat.
  • Being thin is always the goal.
  • Foods are either “good” or “bad”.
  • Low calorie makes the healthier option.
  • You should meal plan on Sunday’s.
  • Eat clean.
  • You workout to change your body to be better = smaller.
  • And soooo many more.

We’ve had this thin-ideal drilled into us for so long that it’s hard to imagine what life would be like if without the constant obsession of what we looks like and how much we weigh.

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How much time do you spend looking for the meal plan that will solve all your problems?

How many posts have you pinned that promise, “8 Moves to Banish Belly Fat!”?

In the past week, how many photos do you delete because you’ve picked your body apart? (And, did you even notice the big smile on your face?)

When you see a “thinner” or “fitter” woman out in the wild, how long do you feel bad about your body?

If you’re like me, you’ve been doing this so long, you’ve built a solid list of things you need to fix about your body.

In 2016 I was underweight and so lean I wasn’t getting a period. In order to have a baby, I had to stop limiting my calories and drastically cut back my workouts. I was finally forced to confront the negative thoughts I had about my body.

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Honestly, if it wasn’t for the deep desire to become a mom, I don’t know if I could have changed.

Getting my period back gave me more than a healthy cycle. It supercharged my body image.

Look, I could talk all day about different my life feels without the need to be lean, but I’d rather you imagine what your life could be with more body confidence.

journal prompts for Body positivity

Right now, get out your journal – or open a blank document 💻 – and daydream through these questions:

“If I was confident in my body…”

I would wear:

I would eat:

My morning routine would be:

I would not count calories because:

Seeing someone “fitter” than me would make me think:

I would go to bed feeling:

I would start:

Surprisingly, When I first started coaching women through period recovery, I quickly realized it wasn’t the fertility facts they needed. They know they need more body fat to get their cycle and to make a baby. They know that running and intense exercise negatively affects their cycles.

You know what stops them from recovering? The fear of gaining weight. The way they feel about themselves when they look in the mirror. The importance they place on staying as small as they can.

To fight this, I created a transformational workshop WTF is Body Positivity Anyway? Stop Obsessing and Start Loving Your Body. Ready to take body positivity from theory to real life? RSVP now and be alerted when registration opens!


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