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Please Stop Glamorizing Your Thinnest Self

A Facebook Memory triggered a huge mindset shift that made recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea instantly easier. To be completely honest, Facebook Memories had been popping up for weeks, annoying the sh!t out of me.

Only recently had I put two and two together that the reason we were heading towards IVF was because of HA. I cut back my running but was hesitant to fully cut it out, until I had this epiphany.

I was drying my hair, and thought about the Memory that came up earlier that day. One of me during a race, a 5K I got 1st female in to be exact.

Normally, the though pattern would go, “I trained so hard for that. It felt so good to finish. I’m so slow now, I can’t wait to be that fast again.” But that didn’t hit me this time. Suddenly, I thought, “I don’t care if I get back there.”

There were years I dedicated many hours a week to running. I also spent a lot of time thinking about food and restricting my calories. Those Memories had been triggering the positive rosy picture of what life was like before putting on some much-needed pounds, and allowing my body to finally rest.

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I only saw the positive: I was fast and I was super lean.

Finally, I thought about the rest of the picture. Getting my training runs in and hitting my times was a stress. Eating “too many” tortilla chips made me feel out of control and gross. Getting invited to a BBQ meant bringing my own veggie burger because I didn’t know what was in the burgers they made (note that I am NOT a vegetarian🙄). Keeping up the exercise routine and counting calories was wearing on me when I actually thought about it.

Suddenly, it didn’t seem like a big thing to let go.

recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea and body image

Maybe you’re dragging your feet about making changes, or perhaps you’ve already started cutting back on exercise, and eating an extra snack, but are still fearful of changing too much. I want you to be honest with what you’re afraid of losing, or what you want to go back to.

What does your life, NOT YOUR BODY, actually look and feel like with restrictive and obsessive habits?

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Take out the focus of getting your period back and pretend you have it back. How is your life different? What is better about life on the other side of this tough phase?

Take physique out of the equation. What amount of exercise would you do, and what would you eat more of if it had zero effect on your body?

👉 The next time you catch yourself dwelling on how great your jeans fit last summer, or how fast your mile was, look at the ENTIRE picture.

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Stop glamorizing how great your life was when you were your leanest.

👉 Look at your life NOW and find something else that you can’t imagine living without. What do you have now that you wish you had years ago?

Recovering from HA means confronting your body image head-on. I believe truly healing means more than getting your period back, it means improving your relationship with your body. But, how do you do that?!

Join me for a special workshop where we’ll dive deep into body positivity so you can LIVE it, not just like the idea in theory. Food freedom comes when you stop trying to control your body. You’ll leave insanely inspired, along with a workbook that will ensure you don’t leave that inspiration at the door. The party will be on Zoom, and – guess what – blog readers will receive a 20% discount!


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