How to Create a Workout Comeback Plan

Google, “Workout Plan” and get ready to be bombarded with thousands of training plans for any goal you can dream up. Planning your ideal routine is easy enough to do, however, sticking to it is where the true work begins.

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You’re human, and life happens despite your perfect plan. Your kid will need to stay home from school, a new deadline will pop-up, and although you try your best, you will have a sick day. Since this is inevitable, plan for it. Give thought and have a game plan for when you have, “the worst week ever!!!”.

This can be the difference between giving up, and reaching your goals.

First off, focus on thinking of barriers that get in the way of healthy eating and activity. Next, come up with a simple plan to overcome them, consisting of when and how. You will have that week where you get in 2 of your 5 planned workouts, and it’s not going to feel good. Now what? It’s incredibly easy to convince yourself it’s too hard, that you knew you couldn’t do it, and throw in the towel.

Set them. Crush them.

Grab your Game Plan Printables and get started NOW!

This is when you need a good plan. Come up with a few scenarios that are likely to throw you off course; Travel, sickness, and schedule overload are a few big ones. Next, write down a comeback day and 2 actions for each scenario.

Here are a few examples of an action plan to fail:

Scenario 1 – I get sick
Comeback day – The first day I go back to work
Action – 30 minutes low-intensity neighborhood walk OR 30 minutes of yoga

Scenario 2 – I go on vacation
Comeback day – My second day back (arrive home Monday night, I workout Wednesday)
Action – Right where I left off OR At home workout

Scenario 3 – Work overload, I ate out all week
Comeback day – First day I’m home on time
Action – Stock up at grocery or order from Instacart OR Make my favorite simple meal

Scenario 4 – My child is home sick, I can’t get to the gym
Comeback day – Today
Action – Get them situated, and do a 30 minute at home workout from fitness site OR At home workout DVD/On Demand

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You see, it’s important to recognize beforehand that these setbacks will happen. Expecting to stick perfectly to your plan is unattainable, and will cause stress. Also, it leads to negative thoughts about your abilities when things don’t go as planned.

Here are a few thoughts to ingrain in your mindset that can help in the long run.

One workout won’t make you fit, missing one won’t make you soft.
Every healthy choice counts.

Don’t let one meal dictate the next. Your healthy breakfast does not excuse an unhealthy lunch, and an unhealthy lunch does not mean you skip dinner.

It’s not the workout you missed that matters, it’s what you do next.
What you do occasionally, does not define you.

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