No Gym? No Problem! Be Your Own Gym With Bodyweight Exercises

I consider myself one of the lucky few who has an ideal gym situation. My gym is A) Inexpensive: I paid $400 for 14 months, so under $30/month B) Nearby: It’s .18 miles from my front door…trust me on that, my Garmin can back me up C) Not overcrowded: I’ve waited 3 times for a treadmill during peak hours for maybe 2 minutes in the 4 years I’ve been a member.

In reality, many of you don’t have this luxury. If I’ve discovered anything about fitness habits, it’s that if it’s not convenient, it won’t happen. [bctt tweet=”If I’ve discovered anything about fitness habits, it’s that if it’s not convenient, it won’t happen.”]

Sometimes, simply getting to the gym is the barrier that people struggle overcoming. Whether it’s solving the logistical puzzle required to get there, get a shower and get to work, your travel schedule, or your toddler who refuses to be left in the care of anyone but you, joining a gym doesn’t mean you’ll use it.

Enter: Bodyweight training.

The most glorious thing about bodyweight training is you already own all the equipment needed for a total body workout and – better yet – it’s ALWAYS with you!

This means you can save money on a gym, weights, and machines, as well as time by not commuting or setting anything up. Bodyweight exercises can be done at home, in the park, and out of town.

They also use more muscles as you’re using your entire body, not just working one muscle group at a time like with machines, giving you a more effective workout in less time since you work multiple muscle groups at once. To sum up; bodyweight exercises save you time and money.

“But, I’m not using weights or machines”, you think, “how challenging can it really be?”

In all honesty, many of the bodyweight exercises I do are the most challenging for me. How? Because you can progress (make more difficult) these exercises in numerous ways. Slow them down, add the element of balance, speed them up or perform them at a different angle and you have a whole new level to work up to.

“Great! Now, how do I work my whole body?”

Great question (that I assumed you asked)! Here are my favorite exercises for all your major muscles:

Chest: Push-up Make it harder – Negative push-up
Back: Superman Make it harder – Superman pulse
Shoulders: Arm circles (balance bonus)
Core: Pendulum plank Make it harder – Plank hip dips or Rotating side plank
Glutes: Glute bridge marches Make it harder – Single leg glute bridges
Hips: Point and flex Make it harder – Hip-ups 
Quads and Hamstrings: Front to back lunge Make it harder – Split squats or Prisoner stand-ups
Whole body: Walkout with push-up or Spiderman
Cardio: Fast feet burpees, Skaters, or 180 squat jumps

Put it all together and what do you get? Here’s a strength training workout and cardio workout you can try at home!

Strength Training

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.25.22 PM


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.26.18 PM

I hope you feel empowered now that you’re free from your I-can’t-go-to-the-gym-I-can’t-workout prison. Your 30 minute workout now actually takes 30 minutes, instead of an hour and a half when you’re commuting and waiting for machines! Sidenote: if you do have a toddler, they make excellent weights 😉

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