Favorite YouTube workouts for busy moms

My Favorite YouTube Workouts for Busy Moms

After I had a baby, the days of going working out on my own schedule were immediately gone. Some days just getting to the gym feels daunting enough, and making a spin class on time can be an Olympic feat.

Still, I wanted to get a good workout in. Even with my personal training background, there were (and are) a lot of days I don’t want to plan my own workout, I simply want to follow along.

YouTube has been the perfect answer! I regularly turn to YouTube when I can’t get outside or make it to the gym. Here are some killer workout videos to get you started and in shape with no equipment!


cardio kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing by Yvette Bachman
30 Minute No Equipment Cardio & HIIT by POPSUGAR Fitness
32 Minute Calorie Blasting Cardio by Fitness Blender
25 Minute Low Impact Cardio HIIT by BodyFit by Amy
30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm Up by SELF

Strength Training

45 Minute Total Body Strength Training by HasFit
Total Body Toning and Functional Strength Exercises (30 min) by Fitness Blender
20 Minute Beginner’s Bodyweight Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness
Total Body Strength Training Without Weights (20 min) by Joanna Soh
20 Minute Full Body Workout by MadFit


45 minute detox yoga
Detox Flow 45 min Yoga by Five Parks Yoga
Calorie Blasting Barre Workout (25 min)
Head & Heart Reset Yoga (25 min) by Yoga with Adriene
Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners (30 min) by Brett Larkin
Full Length Total Body Barre Workout (40 min) by Action Jacquelyn

Cardio & Strength Combo

Intense 30 Minute Full Body HIIT by Heather Robertson
30 Minute Cardio and Strength Conditioning Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness
At Home Cardio/Strength Fat Burning HIIT (20 min) by MadFit
30 Minute Feel-Good Strength and Cardio Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness
Bodyweight Fat Burning HIIT Cardio + Total Body Toning (30 min) by Fitness Blender

I definitely recommend making different playlists so you aren’t wasting precious time searching for the workout you want. Do what makes sense for you; Cardio, Strength, 20 minutes and less, 30 minutes and longer, yoga, etc. Here’s how to do that:

Find the video you want to save, and hit the plus sign/SAVE option.

Here, you will be given the option to save to a current playlist, or create a new one. Select “Create New Playlist” and enter your category (i.e. Cardio), and select “Create”.

Ideally, you’ll be able to get in the whole workout during a nap or playtime, but if you can’t, you can pause it and come back to it later in the day. Remember, breaking a workout up throughout the day still counts, and any amount of time is better than zero time!

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