My Experience With Acupuncture

Although acupuncture has become more mainstream in the past decade, and even though I am fully immersed in the wellness industry, placing high importance on natural ways to heal and enhance your body, it wasn’t until this year that I tried it for myself.

I’ve heard and read how acupuncture can help a host of health conditions, and looked into it for my mom who gets frequent migraines, but didn’t have a big reason to try it myself. Until now. As I wrote about in a post featured on Mind Body Green, I’ve been going through issues with infertility. This is when I took to Google and Yelp to read up on acupuncture and fertility and find an acupuncturist near me.

After reading some encouraging articles from sites like, and reading great reviews and seeing a price that I could manage in my budget, I booked my first appointment with Samara at Division Chiropractic and Acupuncture. I read what to expect and what to wear, and was excited walking to my first appointment.

We spent a few minutes talking about what brought me there, what I wanted to focus on, and she looked at the top then bottom of my tongue and felt the pulse in my wrists. I told her my main focus was getting my body ready and able to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy, and second to that, if she could do anything to help my Raynaud’s¬†which causes my fingers and sometimes toes to go numb even when it’s not frigid outside (oh, it’s reeeeeeaaaaal fun).

Actual photo, actual fingers, actually inside.

The room was quiet and set up much like a massage room with pleasant scents and relaxing ambient music. Samara had me take my socks and shoes off, lay on my back and pull my shirt up a bit so that my abdomen was showing. We chatted while she placed maybe 10 acupuncture needles in various spots; between my eyebrows, inside of both wrists, below my belly button and hip bones, and a few around my ankles.

I don’t have much issue with needles (luckily, because with this whole infertility doctor business I am getting a LOT of blood drawn!), but this isn’t like a shot at the doctor’s office, they are actually about a quarter of the size of a sewing needle. It’s more like a little poke and then you don’t really feel it. You’re also not completely covered in needles.

She then placed a heat lamp above my belly, and I asked her to marry me. Not really, but oh-my-god I need one for my house, it was amaaaaaazing! I said yes to a weighted eye mask and was drifting off about 2 minutes after she left the room. About 20 minutes later (I think) she came in and quietly adjusted a few needles and left again.

I didn’t feel much of anything, but then, I had the oddest sensation in my hands. It was like this energy swirling in my palms and through my fingers! It felt kind of cool, but definitely nothing I had felt before. Then, just as quickly as she left, Samara came back and welcomed me back to the world. I felt so relaxed, kind of like when you leave after a message. I made an appointment for the following week and it’s been a regular part of my week since November.

You’re probably wondering, “does it work?” That’s a tough one. For me, it is fulfilling it’s purpose. I have noticed less Reynaud’s attacks, it’s certainly a stress reliever, and just today Aunt Flow (sorry for that, but it’s the nicest way to put it) made an appearance without Estrace or Provera helping it along!

The biggest selling point for me was that there is no downside. Whether it’s what helps me achieve a healthy pregnancy, or not, there are no obscure side effects like many options out there. So, yes, I am a fan. I plan to continue going throughout my fertility treatments and the first trimester as is recommended by many practitioners, and will enjoy every second under that heat lamp!

Have you tried acupuncture? What for? What do you think?



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