Meal Delivery: Healthy Options for Your Busy Life

We’ve come a long way from the days of Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig for meal delivery. If you have no time to cook, let alone plan and grocery shop, there are not only healthy delivery options, but options that actually taste good! Another trend on the rise is services that are basically paint-by-number for cooking.

Meal delivery used to be a tool to lose weight. You’d receive a set amount of measly frozen meals (ahem, loaded with salt!) and after a few weeks want to pull your hair out because even though you’re down 5 pounds, you’re starving and cranky!

Today things are different. Meal services have a whole new platform, with weight loss being a side-effect of healthier, more mindful eating.

There is an option for every lifestyle;¬†from dinner that’s prepped to cook, to meal plans that cover breakfast to dinner ready to heat. There’s more flexibility now than ever, so figure out what would make your life simpler and healthier now, and discover who’s doing just that!

Here are the major pro’s I see of using these services:

  • Time saver – Dinner is either ready to heat, eat or cook. No grocery shopping, no recipe planning. Great for office zombies and jet-setters and anyone with young kids.
  • Money saver –  How much rotten fruit, moldy bread or unknown containers in the back of your fridge do you throw away? Exactly.
  • Knowledge – Some services teach you to cook, but all of them show you what a normal portion of food is. They pride themselves on balanced meals – you won’t see a 12oz steak with fries on your menu – but you will see a variety of food groups.
  • Variety – Kind of like getting a CSA box of vegetables; it’ll be easier to try new foods. You can also order different meals for all the particular tastebuds of your family members.

Ready to give one a try?

Perfect! Here are different services for different needs:

Dinner in a Box

Service options – Classic, veggie and family boxes
Price – Starts at $8.75-$9.90 per meal
Delivers – Nationwide

Blue Apron
Plans – 2-Person and Family (family has 2 or 4 recipes per week option)
Price – $9.99 or $8.74 per person, respectively
Delivers – Nationwide

Plans – All for 2 people; 2, 3 or 4 dinners a week
Price – All are $12 per person
Delivers – Nationwide

Home Chef
Plans – 2-7 meals per week, 2 or 4 servings per meal
Price – $9.95 per serving, free shipping if order is over $40 (typically 3+ meals)
Delivers – Nationwide

Peach Dish
Plans- Lots of flexibility; 8 dishes to choose from, 2-12 servings of any
Price – Average $12.50 per person
Delivers – Nationwide

meal delivery services

Full Meal Delivery (no-cooking)

Diet to Go
Plans – 4 Meal Programs, either 5 or 7 days per week, 2 or 3 meals per day; Balanced, Balanced-Diabetes, Carbs30, Vegetarian
Price – Varies, starts at $12 per meal
Delivers – Nationwide

Factor 75
Plans – Order minimum is 5 meals per week; a la carte or meal packages
Price – Breakfasts start at $9.95, Lunch/dinner start at $13.95
Delivers – Naitionwide

 Veestro (vegetarian)
Plans – a la carte, meal packages, weight-loss specific
Price – a la carte entrees average $10, meal packages are $199 and include an average 25 meals
Delivers – Nationwide

Plans – 6, 9,12, or 21 meals per week; brekfasts and entrees
Price – $69/week ($11.50/meal) to $229/week ($10.90/meal)
Delivers – 12 states in the Western US, currently expanding services

Have your dinners planned for a month and eat healthy every night with ease!

These are the services I have had personal recommendations for, or read a variety of positive reviews on. There are more out there, especially in large cities where there are local options, and new services are constantly popping up so keep your eyes peeled!

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