May Recap: The Great Outdoors, a Glimpse of Normalcy, and Facebook Groups

After how long April felt, it’s weird that May seemed to pass relatively quick. The weather had a lot to do with that, although there have been some dreary rainy days, the regularity of 70 degree temps has meant a lot more outdoor adventures!

Outdoor Fun

Both kayak trips were adventurous in their own ways: Barksdale and Brett flipped and went in on one, then we discovered the “family friendly” section of Green River meant family friendly with the right kayak, helmets, and kids over 8. We somehow got ourselves out and played on the beach for the next hour!

We’ve gone to Triple Falls, Bent Creek, and all over the grounds of the Arboretum. I cannot say it enough: I LOVE LIVING HERE!

We even had a social distancing hang out at our neighbors house next door. It’s amazing how refreshing jut being around other people even though you’re outside right next to your house, can be. Owen sure had a fun evening!

That made our weekend feel like a real weekend, and the fact that Owen’s school is opening – with every precaution imaginable, I am so thankful for them! – on a part tie schedule next week, we’re going to be able and mix up our routine a little bit.

Business be Boomin’

I find it really interesting that my focus on my business completely shifted and narrowed around the time COVID hit. It’s like the less time I had, the more focused and strategic I got.

Whatever the psychology behind it, it’s been amazing! I joined the #PrettyAwkward Business Posse after listening to Megan Yelaney’s podcast for the past couple months and the group coaching calls, masterclasses, and other resources have me fired up in the best way! My hot seat coaching session was really fun, too.

My own Facebook Group has grown this month as well, it’s really amazing to connect with so many women over such a specific thing as Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.

It really shows me how necessary it is to talk about and coach because nearly every woman in there has had a doctor who wants to prescribe a pill and simply does not understand or mention that lifestyle changes can get your period back! But I digress. If you could use support around getting your cycle back, join us!

Work it Out

A few of my favorite workouts this month!

If you’ve read any of the weekly updates, you are well aware of my Sydney Cummings obsession so it’s not surprising one of hers made my top of the month!

40 Minute Power Strength Workout with Sydney Cummings
30 Minute Power Vinyasa Flow with Five Parks Yoga
Soul Power Dance on Sundays is still my jam!
10 Minute Full Body Supersets with Sydney Cummings

What’s Cooking

My favorite thing that we ordered was White Labs Kitchen & Tap pizza. There are so many pizza places in Asheville, and this one isn’t touted for it’s pizza but it is definitely our favorite!

The best thing I cooked this month, well it’s a toss up because I love making burgers and have done that multiple times in May, but this casserole is worthy of a share: Pumpkin & Kale Pasta Bake

Recommendations: What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening to

Watching – For a quick a laugh, Magic for Humans is super entertaining, even if you “don’t like magic tricks”. On the more serious note, Trial By Media is a good true crime fix, I especially liked episodes 1, 2, and 6.

Reading – Bus 57 didn’t take me too long to get through and was a true case I didn’t know anything about. You learn a lot about each teenager in the incident and the larger issues it brings up. I just started a fiction book, Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, I’m only 26 pages in but it was quick to draw me in!

Listening – I’m back on the Armchair Expert train, although I don’t remember why I stopped. I think it was sucking my phone storage and I got a new phone 🤷‍♀️. I also have to recommend Fearless Rebelle Radio for an instant body positivity boost!

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