January Refresh Challenge – Join Now!

January Refresh

Do you enjoy making a New Years Resolution, but find yourself falling off by week 2? Don’t go it alone this year! Sign up for my January Refresh Group for a full month of health and wellness challenges! Best of all, it’s FREE!

This challenge is different. I’m not promising you’ll get “sleek, sexy arms in 30 days!” or that you’ll “drop 10lbs by Friday!”, and there’s good reason. Those promises don’t last. It’s not designed to be the hardest workout you’ll ever do, or strictest diet you’ll follow

Real change isn’t fast. There isn’t a deadline or strict rules and you can’t depend on someone else to carry you through.

Whole health isn’t the number on your scale, your daily caloric intake, your jean size, OR the weight on the barbell you lift.

It is a lifestyle of balanced mind, body and spirit.

The first month of 2016, you will start a journey exploring new ways to define “healthy” and discovering how all the pieces – food, exercise, sleep, etc. –  best fit in your life so it’s enhanced, not hampered. I hope you find new exercises to enjoy, relaxing ways to unwind, and a positive outlook on the new year!

If you’re ready to kick off 2016 with positive change, sign up by clicking below!

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