Items I Don’t Use Anymore and the Oils I Use Instead!

When I made my first purchase from dōTERRA, I had the same initial thought I hear from others, “these oils are kind of expensive!” Since I knew the quality of the oils I was buying and had an idea of the proven health benefits they offered, I felt it was money well spent and ordered my Home Essentials enrollment kit.

That was over a year ago and I now take full advantage of the LRP program, placing an order each month for the oils and products I use regularly, and reaping product rewards as I go.

Why? Because there are a lot of things I no longer buy since incorporating oils into my routine. Not only does this make my home healthier, I’m going to the store less, meaning I’m spending less on personal and home care items especially when you factor in the free products I receive through buying each month.

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Here are a few things I’ve stopped picking up at the store and the oils I’ve replaced them with:


I always had a small tube of Neosporin in my medicine cabinet and applied readily to any cut I suffered. Once it really sunk in that our skin is our biggest organ, I started eliminating products that had mineral oil and petroleum as they actually act as a barrier, not allowing the skin to breathe.

Typically if I’m using Neosporin, I’m putting a bandaid over it even though you want the wound to breathe as much as it can. Using a natural remedy eliminates the chemicals and extra barrier making your wounds heal quicker and healthier.

What I use instead:
I have a tiny 2ml vial of coconut oil with 1 drop each of Frankincense, Melaleuca, and Lavender that I rub onto any cut and if needed, place a bandaid over it. These oils provide antibacterial benefits along with cleansing and rejuvenating properties to the skin.

All-Purpose Counter Top Cleaner:

I love to cook and my kitchen countertops show it since I’m constantly wiping down the kitchen counter and island. The thing is, I don’t want a ton of chemicals all over my kitchen where I prepare food! Sure, there are organic cleaners, but it is way cheaper and easier to make my own which is what I’ve been doing for at least the last 6 months.

What I use instead:
In a 16oz glass spray bottle, I’ve mixed 1:1 water and distilled white vinegar with the following drops of oil: 15 Melaleuca, 15 Lemon, and 10 On Guard. I’m killing bacteria and purifying the air all while inhaling an uplifting scent that is beneficial to my body.

Mildew Shower Spray

We have a glass door stand-up shower and months ago as I was standing in it spritzing my Walgreens bought mildew spray I realized I’m just inhaling all of the chemicals in a closed space. Ew! I like to use a squeegee to get standing water off the shower walls, then spray a mildew spray to keep the shower clean as long as possible without having to deep clean. Now, I use my oils instead of who knows what that was in the bottle I bought.

What I use instead:
Similar to the countertop spray, I use a glass spray bottle with half water and half distilled white vinegar. Then I add 15 drops of Lemon, 10 Melaleuca, and 10 Peppermint. I quickly spritz the walls after my shower and let it sit.

Body scrub

I wasn’t buying body scrubs nearly as much as the household cleaning products, but I do like a nice at-home spa treatment and got them as gifts. The thing I didn’t like about buying mass produced scrubs is the fragrances used in the majority of them are synthetic or if they use essential oils, you don’t know how they are sourced or what’s actually in them.

What I use instead:
I first made my own body scrub as a raffle prize for an essential oils class and was embarrassed at how easy it was! Then mad about how much I had spent on one jar from a boutique store…
All I do is take a jar (like a squat  mason jar), combine 1/2C coconut oil with 1 to 1-1/2C regular or brown sugar depending how thick and the color I want, and add in my oils. I change it up depending on the occasion and time of year but the last one I made was with Lemon and Lavender, giving it purifying and rejuvenating properties.

Bug Spray

Living in Chicago I luckily do not encounter mosquitos nearly as often as when I lived in Kentucky, however going to the lake in Georgia over the summer was a whole other story. Spraying DEET-centric bug spray all over me is not something I want to do, so I make my own.

What I use instead: 
In a 4oz glass spray bottle, I mix equal parts water and either witch hazel or vodka with 10 drops TerraShield and 8 drops each Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Arborvitae.

Air Freshener

This includes room sprays and plugins and I’ve even cut down on the candles we use. There are a ton of chemicals, some containing upwards of 100 most of which are synthetic ( Not something I want my family deeply breathing in and not how I want my house to smell!

What I use instead:
My Petal diffuser! This diffuser came with my Home Essentials kit and I bought a second one not long after. I love combining scents to fit my mood and the atmosphere I want to create in my home. In the mornings I like to use Motivate with an extra drop of Wild Orange, and in the afternoons I often use Peppermint and Lemon for an afternoon pick-me-up. Now that it’s fall I’m using lots of Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, and Wild Orange in delicious fall blends.

The great thing about using oils is that even when you use them in everyday items like the ones listed above, you still go through them slowly. There are 250 drops in one 15mL bottle and since they are pure essential oils – no fillers in dōTERRA bottles! – they are potent enough that you only need a few drops even for a large bottle.

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Mainly, though, I like the natural aspect. I like knowing what’s in what I’m cleaning with and that each oil I use has healthy benefits for my body and zero negative side-effects. Plus, they arrive to my house each month without me going anywhere. Win-win-win!

If you are at all interested in getting dōTERRA essential oils into your home, now is the time! Seriously, the November promotion is a full 20% off the following enrollment kits:

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For more information on essential oils – from how to use them to how to get them in your home – check out my Essential Oils page here!


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