Introducing: StrongHER in :30

You guys, I am thrilled to offer my first e-book; Stongher in :30!

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Ever since I began training one-on-one clients, the chief complaint about working out is TIME. Women crave a complete workout that will get them to their goals, in the minimum amount of time. I’m not surprised, I’m one of those women myself! One aspect of my job I absolutely love, is giving my clients a tough, rewarding – and most importantly – effective, workout in THIRTY MINUTES!

It should be noted, my clients are pushing themselves. They show up to sessions ready to work, but always leave with a smile of satisfaction. It feels good to push yourself, and even better to see results.

Unfortunately, training with me – or any personal trainer – isn’t feasible for everyone. Whether because of childcare, budgets, work schedule, or location, one-on-one training may not be an option for you right now. Plus, you don’t want to rely on one person for your workouts for the rest of your life.

I often found myself sending clients bodyweight workouts they could do when traveling or at home in between our sessions. I did this so much I figured I’d compile people’s favorite styles of workouts along with a template for the week of how many sessions to do of both strength training and cardio. This allows for flexibility in your week and your preferences take priority.

Each exercise has a link to a quick video demonstration so there’s no guessing how to do what, and not one exercise requires equipment. If you’ve been looking for an efficient and effective workout you can do AT HOME, Strongher in :30 is your answer!

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What’s the number one obstacle that gets in your way of having a consistent workout routine?

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