The ONE Trick You Need to Stay Motivated

No matter what your goals are – eating healthier, sleeping better, getting in shape, etc. – having a clear picture of them greatly increases your chance of success. Envisioning yourself at your goal is an extremely powerful motivator that can keep you on track when you lose your why.

The more specific and personal you get with this vision – your future self – the easier your healthier choices will be.

Try this exercise to acquaint you with your future self:

First, sit quietly for a few moments with your eyes closed and envision yourself living life at your goal. 

If your goal is making healthier choices when you eat out, picture this version of you walking into your favorite restaurant, looking over the menu and eating that item you always wish you would have ordered.

Picture yourself feeling satisfied with your choice of grilled salmon, brown rice and veggies.

A goal of getting in shape so you can keep up with your kids could be a vision of you taking them on a hike and not having to stop and rest.

What does this life look like?

How does future you feel when they get up in the morning?

Now, imagine a future you that never made the positive changes you are setting out to do.

What if you remain the same, or create more bad habits? What does your life of staying the same look like?

With a solid vision of your future self, it’s easier to connect your choices today, to the you who benefits from them tomorrow.

It’s easy to push things off for the future you to do, i.e. “the diet starts tomorrow”, but when you feel connected to that person, you’ll start making choices that make it easier for the future you instead of harder.

Here’s a personal example:

When training for a stretch goal in a half marathon, there were tough workouts that had me anxious. It would be easy to not give my full effort since the race was months away, but I had a vivd picture of my future self.

If a run got tough, I pictured myself crossing the finish line under my goal time. I pictured lining up at the start feeling confident. For every tough run I completed, I knew my goal would be that much easier and the race that much better.

Plus, I knew that if I didn’t hit my goal, it wasn’t for lack of trying, because I did all I could by working hard now.

When you are only focused on the you right now, it’s easy to lose motivation. After all, what’s one missed yoga class, or one indulgent dinner. But, in order to see real change, it’s not about those single choices, it’s about how they all add up together to create a healthier lifestyle.

When you feel a pull to sway from your goal actions, picture the future you. The goal lifestyle you’re working towards.

Do the thing she would do, the thing she would thank you for.

Craft the perfect goal and the best way to get there!

A client of mine told mer her success with this. She was going to a yoga class that night, and was hesitant since it didn’t get out until late. “But what else would I be doing? Sitting on my couch.”.

She had a clear picture of her future self. The self that, if she didn’t go to yoga, would be thinking, “I should’ve gone, I’ve only been watching TV”.

Think of the future you.

Write a description of their day. Draw a sketch of their priorities. Or, write them a letter. Whatever you need to do to make this future you real. Then, when you want to push things off on to her, think of her as a real person. One who will benefit or be left to deal with the choices you make today.

Could you use some help creating goals that fit the future you’s lifestyle? If you’d like some guidance and accountability in taking that first step, Health Coaching just what you need! Shoot me an email and let’s chat about where you are and where you want to go!

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