How to Use Awareness to Find True Alignment

Awareness is one of those big ambiguous words that’s thrown around a LOT. It’s so important to have, but what does it actually mean and why? Why is it so important to be “aware”? What do we really get from it?

Awareness is simply noticing how you feel.

When you get that swelling feeling of happiness, make note. It sounds robotic, but truly, notice and think to yourself, “I’m happy, this makes me happy.”

What are you doing? What does that feel like?

If your mood suddenly shifts, for better or worse, what changed?

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You are creating a mental inventory of what makes you feel better or worse. It’s so easy to dismiss when we feel happy, when things are clicking, but when you cement those moments, it’s easier to recall when you’re in a bad mood.

Awareness is one of those big ambiguous words that's thrown around a LOT. It's so important to have, but what does it actually mean and why?

For instance, I took Owen to the Biltmore and we were jumping off rocks and looking at the lagoon and running in the field. I took note. This felt easy and fun, and I know it’s one of the small moments that I will long for when he’s rolling his eyes at me years from now.

Cut to him throwing a fit over not being able to use my scissors. Instead of feeling completely wrapped in the moment of the toddler fit, my mind is able to recognize that this is a moment, and so was the blissful time we spent together just a few hours earlier.

Here’s another amazing thing about awareness: It helps you align your life to feel how you want to feel.

Example: I’m working with a copywriter on a few pages of my site. She had me look at other coaches About Pages to make note of what I liked, and didn’t like.

Naturally, the sites I’m finding in my search are well established coaches. I link to 3 and am searching for more when I feel my mood shift.

Because I’m aware, I notice what feelings pop up, and can pinpoint why.

I start to feel less than. I feel suddenly overwhelmed with lots of “should’s”. I realize I’m comparing myself to these coaches and it doesn’t feel good. One states that she has 30 years experience. I am 35, and I am comparing my business to hers. WHAT?!

I had been sitting at my computer, excited to be working on this page of my site, and within 15 minutes I felt overwhelmed and negative about my business.

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I immediately stopped. I emailed Em a few sites and told her I was overwhelmed and could look at more later. I went for a walk and started working on something I enjoyed.

Now, if I didn’t have awareness, I could have sat there for 30 more minutes diving deeper into the comparison trap, tanking my mood.

With awareness, I quickly pinpointed that A) my mood changed, and B) what caused it.

Start noticing your moods. What are you doing that makes you feel happy, and what is going on when you feel low? How do those feelings feel in your body?

Keep making these mental notes and you will be able to shift away from what feels negative, and towards what feels positive and you, my friend, are on your way to an aligned life!

We are all deserving of what we desire, but many women confide in me that they don’t know exactly what lights them up, what aligned life they are after. I help women gain clarity on what they really want. Are you ready to say yes to balance, joy, and confidence?

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