How to Take Aligned Action?

I was obsessed with figuring it out. 

If I listened to the right podcast, found the most capable doctor, followed the best supplement regime, then I would get pregnant. 

I feared doing nothing so I took action. Any action. Royal jelly, pineapple core, red raspberry tea. Purchased and consumed.

My biggest worry was missing the one thing that would make me a mom. That hurried, scattered action plan was overwhelming. 

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Always thinking you’re missing the mark, and trying to find space – emotionally and logistically – for the ever-growing must-do’s felt anything but relaxed.

I kept feeling nudged to do less, to let go. But how? Wasn’t that giving up? 

I feared that if I didn’t take full control, try all-the-things, that my dream of becoming a mom would never happen.

Then, things shifted. 

Ho to take aligned action

I took a step back and poured more energy into figuring out what was the right action for me. 

The stress of not knowing what to trust, second guessing every choice I made, went away. 

I was taking action, but it was no longer desperate action. I had more time for things and people in my life that I had put on the back burner. 

I didn’t feel obsessed, I felt energized. 

Fast forward 4 years and I am able to apply this same framework and perspective to my business. Earlier this year I was grasping at every marketing freebie there was. Again, convinced I was doing something wrong and someone else had the answer.

I had been here before, and this time I wasn’t going down that road.

Once again, I started trusting myself and the knowledge within me. I created an action plan that felt right to me and brought back the fun I had squeezed out of the process. 

The journey doesn’t have to be as hard as it feels right now. 

Your path will be different than everyone else’s, you just have to start down it.

What will you do today to forge your own path?

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