How to Stop Caring What Others Think of You.

Trying to manage what others think of us is not only exhausting, it’s utterly useless. We have zero control over what people we interact with think about us (yes, both in-person AND online), plus there’s no way to really know what they’re thinking.

Reflect back over the last week – heck, even the last day – and recognize the effort place into trying to control or worrying about how you come off to others. It’s pretty significant if you’re like most women I know.

You may be reading this, thinking, “Yeah, I know but…” but you can’t stop that voice in the back of your head whispering, “What if they think…”.

Personally, I noticed that that voice only appears when I’m waffling on how I feel about my actions. Think back again, and this time pick a time you felt confident in a choice you were making. It could be as big as a career change, or as small as what you wore that day. How much time did you spend wondering how you came off to others?

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Here is a super small example of how this plays out.

When I order a salad at a restaurant, I utter the words, “Dressing on the side.” Now, I am a person in a small body. When I order this way, I could worry that they will think the following:

She’s probably on a diet.

She’s afraid of calories.

She’s high maintenance.

People are going to think what they want and there is nothing you can do about it. That's actually great news, though...

It could be true, they could have those thoughts, or they could not spend a second thinking about it because they are 19 and just ready to get off of work. Or, they could think, “That’s a good idea, I hate dressing already on my salad!” They could think anything about me and my order and there is zero I can do to change that. But that doesn’t bother me.

In my head, I know exactly why I ordered that way. If I don’t like the dressing and it’s already on it, then my salad is ruined. I also do not like to get to the bottom of the bowl and find soupy dressing. If I’m ordering to go, I don’t want it to get all wilty.

People are going to think what they want and there is nothing you can do about it. That’s actually great news, though. There is nothing for you to try and manipulate so you can use all that energy for figuring out what you think.

Are you good with your choice?
Awesome! Go with it and let them think (or not think) what they will.

What’s one choice you’re super proud you made?

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