How to Stay Comfortable While Pregnant in Winter

Being pregnant is an exciting time filled with anticipation, adorable baby clothes, and ample love and support. One downside? It can be downright uncomfortable!

Swollen feet, aching back, constant nausea and cravings (sometimes even at the same time), and more symptoms await. Being pregnant in the winter means facing an additional set of challenges.

From fluctuating between hot and cold, dangerous road and walking conditions, and dry skin, you have a lot to manage. I had my son on February 1st, and I had to take breaks just getting my snow boots on!

Check out these ways to stay comfortable while pregnant in winter and lessen your pregnancy woes.

Stay warm—and cool

It’s cold outside, so that could mean excessive heat is being blasted inside. You could go from freezing to sweating in 10 seconds flat. Be prepared by layering your clothing. Cardigans are your friend during a winter pregnancy, as they can be easily put on and removed as your body temperature adjusts.

You’ll also need a winter jacket that fits you and your bump. Trying to force your growing bump into your pre-pregnancy winter jacket can be uncomfortable and ultimately less effective. It may be worth the investment to find a maternity coat to keep you and your baby warm and comfortable all season long.

Check out consignment shops with maternity sections (often children’s consignment will have a maternity selection), or ask mom friends if they have one you could use.

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Stay safe

With the potential threat of snow falling, you’ve got to prepare ahead of time. If you’re late into your pregnancy, make sure to plan multiple routes to the hospital in case the roads happen to be bad when labor hits.

Be careful when walking in dangers conditions, such as ice or snow. It’s easier to slip and fall during the winter. Wearing shoes with good grips could help your wintertime walking.

Pregnancy can cause your feet to swell up, making it difficult to fit into your pre-pregnancy winter boots. If you’re not looking to invest in new shoes, consider a pair of compression socks. They can reduce swelling and make you feel more comfortable so you can wear your safest and warmest shoes without issues.

Stay hydrated

Always, but especially during a winter pregnancy, make it a point to stay well-hydrated—it can help you feel better overall. Winter can dehydrate skin, increasing the need to drink additional water and moisturize. On top of this, your baby is increasing your need for hydration as well. Try moisturizing regularly and upping your water intake to feel more comfortable during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is no walk in the park! I help moms-to-be find holistic and practical ways to feel their best during pregnancy, and once baby arrives. Email me at to schedule your free 20 minute Discovery Call to see how prenatal health coaching can help you rock this pregnancy thing!

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