How to Reduce Stress and Boost Fertility

We know that stress has negative health consequences, but did you know it can affect your chances of conceiving? A study at the Ohio State University College of Medicine found that, “Women with higher levels of the stress biomarker had a two-fold increased risk of infertility.” (source)

Just like any contributor to fertility, stress alone isn’t likely the sole reason one becomes pregnant or doesn’t, but it’s clear that managing your stress is an important factor when it comes to your odds of conception.

With all the factors you can’t control – like genes – it’s good news that stress is something you can take action on. When I had to stop running, I lost a big stress reliever and had to find other ways to healthfully manage my stress. Stress comes in many places and forms – emotional, relationships, career, physical, etc. – so it makes sense that there are many ways to manage it.

ways to reduce stress and boost fertility

Here is my list of stress relievers for you to try!

  • Long walks – with a dog, a friend, a podcast, music
  • Yoga – self-led, YouTube videos (my favorites are Brett Larkin and Yoga with Adriene), classes, private instruction
  • Color/draw
  • Call a friend regularly, text at least one everyday
  • Journal – long form or bullet, paper or computer
  • Bake(unless I’m the only one who finds baking a relaxing distraction!)
  • Knitting/Cross-stitch/Crochet – experiment with some type of hands on craft
  • Meditation – check out this post for the top meditation apps out there, try Circle + Bloom’s preconception program
  • Get quality sleep – head to this post and this post for tips
  • Acupuncture – here’s my experience
  • Volunteer – helping others is guaranteed to boost your mood
  • Purge your social media – unfollow pages and people that make you feel lesser (you know which in your gut!)
  • Massage
  • Essential oils – here are oils and blends to combat any stressful mindset
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Go to a movie (for some reason I feel a matinee makes me feel better!)

Try some or all of these and see which work for you on a consistent basis. We all get stressed, and some level of stress is actually healthy, but when your body is hit with constant stress it can throw your reproductive system for a loop.

Trying to get pregnant can be stressful in and of itself, so taking preventative action before you feel pressure is a great way to form a healthy habit of natural stress reduction!

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Managing stress is something you work on throughout your life, it’s not something you “fix” and move on from. The way you deal with different stressors will change as you grow, which is why I am always talking with clients about effective ways to manage their stress!

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