How to Read More Books

When my son was born I stopped reading. It was something I missed, but I objectively did not see where I was going to fit in time to read. Then, I went to a book launch, bought the book, and decided to see what happened. If it took me 6 months to read, so be it.

Y’all, I read it in 2 weeks.

So I got another book and read that in 2 weeks. I have a goal of 25 books this year and am ahead of schedule.

Here are 3 tactics that got me back to reading:

Set a goal and track it

Not shocking to hear that from a coach, right? Still, I wasn’t doing this before. I started a Goodreads account which ended up being an amazing way to keep track of all those books that people recommend, or you hear the author on a podcast and think, “That sounds really interesting!” then the book floats away and you never think about it again. Now, I have my “shelf” of books I want to read.

More importantly, you can set a Reading Challenge for the year (please do not wait for January 1st, you can start this today!) and track the books as you read them.

I have found this super motivational to see my progress in each book and in my challenge. Create your free account on Goodreads here!

Schedule time to read

I used to not have to do this, so part of my low-key resents that this is what it takes, but it works! When I see “Read book” on my schedule, I know that I have thought of this ahead of time and carved out this time to read so there is nothing else I need to be doing.

This could be 20 minutes every day or an hour once a week, whatever works for you. I also recommend looking at your night and morning routine and seeing if you can add 10 minutes of reading to it. Heading up to bed just 10 minutes earlier so you can read before bed instead of sitting on the couch and scrolling feels SO much better.

The thing is, once you start scheduling it, you will naturally take that time more often with less – if any – guilt because you, my friend, are a reader.

Always have your book nearby

This little tip had the biggest impact on my reading habits. For sure throw your book in your bag if you’re going anywhere there is a possibility of a wait or downtime. Any appointment, meeting someone, taking your kid to the park, etc. You may have time for 2 pages or it could be 30. Either way you aren’t staring at your watch, or worse, your phone.

Also have it in the same room of the house throughout the day. When your kid is suddenly playing independently, you’re waiting for pasta to boil, you’re put on hold, you have that awkward amount of time between finishing something and needing to head out the door…you can read.

It’s amazing the number of pages you can get through in a day when you never have more than 5 minutes at a time. Plus, you’re reaching for your book instead of your phone, and do not even act like that doesn’t feel superior!

I want to hear from you! What are you reading right now? What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

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