How to Prepare Your Car for a New Baby

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the scariest, most exciting times in a person’s life. You’re overwhelmed with joy, but also become keenly aware of all the hazards around you. For example, new parents are extremely cautious drivers. Baby on Board, anyone?

You never realize how dangerous driving is until you have a newborn in the backseat. Read this guide on how to prepare your car for a new baby so everyone stays safe the next time you hit the open road.

Clean Your Car

New parents who wonder how to prepare their car for a new baby should start by cleaning it. You should never put your infant into a dirty vehicle. For starters, certain bacteria and germs can be very toxic to a newborn. So please, thoroughly cleanse the interior of your car, and scrub every hard surface you can. You should also declutter as much as possible to avoid objects flying.

Get the Right Equipment

Every new parent needs to purchase the proper car equipment before they bring their baby inside. First, you should buy an age-appropriate car seat. Don’t just buy the first car seat you see at the store. Talk to a professional and let them know you’re shopping for an infant.

Ask the experts if they can help with installation, too. You want to avoid being stuck at the hospital even longer because you can’t figure out how to install the car seat correctly.

Usually, someone at the hospital will ensure your newborn is in the carseat properly, and they can assist you before driving away, but you can save time and stress by getting it checked before having the baby. Purchase other materials like a “Baby on Board” sticker, too. Other drivers are less likely to honk if they know you’re traveling with a child.

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Travel with a Baby Care Kit

New parents must be ready for anything at a moment’s notice. Your baby doesn’t understand timing; they’ll cry and make a fuss whenever they want something. Be prepared for this when you’re driving by putting together a baby care kit. Have fresh bottles ready, and in reach, in case your child gets hungry during your travels. Also, make sure to have plenty of wipes and pacifiers on hand, too. It becomes highly stressful to navigate traffic and directions with a screaming infant. Try to avoid this situation as much as you can and never go anywhere without your baby care kit.

New parents have so much on their minds. Hopefully, this guide on how to prepare your car for a new baby can help alleviate some stress. Keep them safe, and reduce your stress by preparing your car ahead of time. Most important, remember to drive cautiously!

Getting your car ready for the baby is just one of the many things on a pregnant mamas mind. I help women avoid getting overwhelmed with all the big – and little – decisions that come with having a baby. Email me at and we’ll set up a free 20 minute Discovery Call. Together we will see if prenatal health coaching is right for you!

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